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Shank later goes to see Marlowe, an ex-friend of him in the mob days, to make him lead Shank to Angelo, but he ambushes him. He later appears behind Marlowe, who was speaking to other thugs saying that "they should have seen the face of Shank, that he acted like an idiot, and it was priceless", and grabs him from his neck and throws him over the thugs and later chases him, but before finding him he's cornered by a lot of guys, but they all got killed.

Shank later goes to find Elena, who was kidnapped by Magnus' thugs according Corina, and sees her being putted in the truck by Inferno. Later, seven years later, Shank appears in a bar and speaks to the bartender and says that "he's looking for someone" to what later Shank sees a picture that says that Butcher and other wrestler are going to fight, to what later the barkeeper asks if he is going to fight in this wrestiling and Shank says he's not going to do that, thing that makes realize the barkeeper that he is Shank and he's alive and then contacted César via phone that ordered him to "Finish Shank", and he did that but Shank managed to defeat all of the thugs and got away from there to what later the bar's worker informed that Shank survived, to what later César hunged up the phone and informed his lackies that whoever kills his nemesis, will have his gratitude and some payout. It all started when, after Shank and Falcone pressed a barber to pay his money from protection, they received a call from Cassandra that required them to go to the Stradust club. For information about the game, check out here.. Robert "Shank" Torres is the main protagonist and title character of the video game Shank and Shank 2. Shank informs that Magnus is down, once and for all, then Corina says that Elena wanted to speak with him, to congratulate him and say he was a very good person, but Shank didn't heard this because he dropped the comunnicator, when some helicopters came to attack him. The name of the guy was Magnus Deleon. Meanwhile, the general is giving an speech to his army saying that they will destroy the rebels, but then the heart of Magnus fails and the doctor examines him and later says that he has only two months of life, but then Magnus says that he has an idea. They arrive and trow the bikes of the bikers to make them appear and find out what was happening. The antepenultimate job was to make a priest to collaborate with the mafia, but in the middle of this operation the pair was attacked by the swat boss, but they killed him electrocuting him with the taser.

Then the scene gets back to Shank talking to Corina, that offers Shank to join the rebellion, but he answers that he's only here for Elena, to what Corina says that when did Shank cares for that, and he says that is since now. Shank wields a variety of weapons throughout the game. Later Shank confronts Angelo and defeats him, but later Angelo tries to shoot his bazuka, to what later Shank tries to stop him, but its too late and then the bell fell down and one wood knocked down Shank. Shank goes to the Stardust club, and finds Cassandra, who wants payback for him to undercut her in the face while trying to save eva, but she is killed by Shank's pistol.

Shank and his comarade knocked down Butcher and took his gold theeth as payment. After that, Primo leads Shank to a pier, where the army is loading the hostages into the containers, to what Shank orders primo to ask Corina for backup, and goes to explore the place, but then a chopper bombs it, but Shank manages to kill the pilot and he ends in some ruins, where he had to confront the sorceress named Roselle Lopez. Shank later cuts the arm of Marlowe and gives it back to him and says "tell Angelo he's the next". Immediatly asks one of the persons that where in the arena, where was the real Butcher, and he responds that he is in the meatpacking district and that he cant take the train to there, but he is interrupted by Shank, who says that he knows where it is.

Then Shank wakes up on the electric chair where he sees César who says that he is his greatest dissapointment, to what Shank responds the same and orders Angelo to execute him, but Shank manages to kill Angelo by freeing himself from the chair and putting Angelo there and electrocuting him, while some henchmen came to attack him.

His loyal counterpart is named Killer Bubbles.

Then Inferno burns the town in revenge for the death of Razor and the "torching of the army's camp". Marlowe enters the curch and tolds Angelo that Shank has returned and Angelo says "he looks foward to it", and then Marlowe's fate remains unkown, but because of surviving the bleeding its clear that he survived. Which rules the country along with his militia with an iron-hand. Shank suceeded in killing Denny and escaping out of here alive.

Shank later finds César and in the middle of the fight he says that he couldn't kill Eva because of her pregnancy, to what César later says that if he had known this none of this would never happened. Some time later he managed to "find the Butcher and killl him" but he later, after seeing the tattoo in one of the arms of the decapitated body and unmask it, discovered that he killed the wrong person.

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