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Spring tire with shape-memory alloy (4X speed) GIF. The last NASA vehicle to visit the Moon was the Lunar Roving Vehicle. Covered in transistors and other semi-conducting… Tire development for space exploration has been a focus of research at NASA Glenn for a decade. Thin tread strips were attached to the carcass to enhance flotation in soft lunar soil.While NASA was developing rovers to send to Mars, there was also interest in taking a new look at returning to the Moon. NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, announces that its engineers have developed an airless compliant tire that consists of several hundred coiled wires of nickel-titanium shape memory alloy woven into a flexible mesh, giving the tires the ability to support high … This site requires that JavaScript be enabled in your browser. What…The emergence of new infectious agents has become a significant concern – now more than ever…The days of the hard computer chip may be numbered. First, they would allow rovers to explore greater regions of the surface than currently possible.

Please refer to the following Exploration requires mobility. Stay on Top of the Materials Industry Trends, News and InnovationNASA began producing tires suitable for space travel in the 1960’s since the conventional air-filled varieties used on Earth were not appropriate in orbit. Lastly, because the compliant tires can absorb energy from impacts at moderate to high speeds, they can be used on crewed exploration vehicles which are expected to move at speeds significantly higher than the current Mars rovers.

Shape Memory Alloy Features in NASA Tires NASA has applied the newest technology: airless nickel-titanium shape memory alloy tires that reduce weight, eliminate deformation, and increase durability.

So, they set about developing several Spring Tire prototypes to improve:While the tires performed well, there was a problem with the steel wires deforming when rolling over punishing simulated Martian terrain at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Dave Mosher @davemosher. Evolving since the days of Apollo, NASA engineers started examining tire designs back in the 1960's for use on the surface of the Moon.The American Modularized Equipment Transporter (MET): a two-wheeled unpowered cart used smooth rubber tires supported by nitrogen filled inner-tubes and manufactured by Goodyear to make it easier to pull the cart through soft lunar soil and over rocks. It performed impressively on the punishing track.So, why are shape memory alloys the key to success for this new generation of spring tires? 114.6K views | Source: | Created Nov 27, 2017. mars nasa nasa glenn research center shape-memory alloys tires wheels. This spring tire has its applications not only on the Mars but earth as well. NASA Reinvented The Wheel - Shape Memory Alloy Tires - YouTube NASA Glenn Research Center 52K subscribers NASA Glenn's Shape Memory Allow Tires: Part 2 Design breakthroughs over the decades that followed led to successful lunar roving with mesh wheels and Martian roving with off-planet wheels. But the original steel spring wheels used for lunar roving deform over time, and the wheels developed for the Mars Curiosity rover are also showing signs of significant wear and tear due to the unforeseen rough terrain. There are three major benefits to developing high performing compliant tires that are capable of performing in a Martian or Lunar environment.

Further engineering work performed by Vivake Asnani in collaboration with Goodyear soon resulted in an airless “Now, NASA has taken the Spring Tire concept and applied brand new materials technology, with a view to reduce weight, eliminate deformation and increase durability and traction in sandy environments.

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