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socialist countries 2019

Countries that appear to follow Socialism are not designated as socialist unless the nation explicitly states so, regardless of how it looks to outsiders. i.e. At the time, northern Vietnam was communist and supported by the Soviet Union while southern Vietnam was supported by the U.S. After nearly 2 decades of war, North and South Vietnam united and became the modern Socialist Republic of Vietnam.The Vietnamese economy is directed by the government which owns several key industries.

Socialist countries are states that have aligned themselves with Socialism. For example, China is considered socialist because its government owns several key industries and directs the flow of the economy. For whatever reason, humans can be drawn to specific […]Welcome to the My Science Life feature of Art Ellis, the vice president for research and graduate studies at the […]You may be wondering if you can safely microwave Styrofoam. In the first stage, a group of professional revolutionaries drawn from the working class takes control of key governmental industries and operates under a “dictatorship of the proletariat” that establishes policy democratically. Our taxes will go up to support the program. We need social programs and regulations and checks on capitalism so it doesn’t trample and stifle those that are at the bottom of the rungs.Tell me… Socialist and communist countries have no rich people? Alex Bolano on May 6, 2019 4 Comments !

Current states that follow the Marxist-Leninist principles include the Countries that have constitutional references to socialism and are thus considered to be Socialist states include: People’s Republic of Countries that once referenced socialism in their constitutions but no longer do so include: There are also multi-party states with governing Socialist parties. Most countries considered democratic socialist are multi-party states who may or may not have a socialist party currently in control.In each of these countries, the degree to which private industry is regulated varies greatly. Countries that have constitutional references to socialism and are thus considered to be Socialist states include: People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Co-operative Republic of Guyana, Republic of India, North Korea, Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, Portuguese Republic, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, and the United Republic of Tanzania. There is no criteria or official process for being named a Socialist state. Despite being one of the poorest nations in Southeast Vietnam was first declared a communist state in 1954 after a partition from the First Indochina War annexed the northern part of the country. Unlike Marxism-Leninism, private ownership is generally not restricted in democratic socialist countries, though the state does play a key role in regulating and directing certain industries, such as energy, tech, healthcare, or education.

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