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spectrum internet speeds and prices

You’ll have to all have 1TB data caps, with only CenturyLink having no recourse to overages – Xfinity and Cox each charge you $10/50GB you go over. As mentioned earlier, Spectrum is available in 46 states, so chances are that they’ll be available in your area (large sections of the west and midwest accepted). Either way, this is fast enough for most users. Also, Spectrum’s highest internet speeds may not be available in all areas, because some of its internet lines might be a little dated. Spectrum doesn’t do contracts – awesome. They also have unadvertised speeds reaching 200, 400, and even 940Mbps, as well. Disgruntled as he may be, he tries to keep his articles as honest as possible.All Content © 2019 DailyWireless.org. movies without many hiccups. 100Mpbs for $44.99/month isn’t bad pricing. But the unadvertised faster speeds (200, 400, and 940Mbps) aren’t widely available, and you wouldn’t know they exist unless they happen to be in your area.

Xfinity and Cox can’t say the same. If you game online a lot or have to upload large files frequently, Spectrum Internet GIG might be a better Their new, single plan as Spectrum is advertised as 100Mbps starting speeds for just $44.99 a month. We recommend you set a reminder on your digital calendar for 24 months out to call and ask for a discount before your prices go up. Spectrum also claims no throttling, but without a data cap, it’s hard to say whether that’s true.

˭Value based on retail price for comparable services. Power:  region, Spectrum had 3 power circles in customer service to Xfinity’s 2; region, Spectrum tied with Xfinity for 3 power circles in that category, while Cox had 5; , Spectrum tied for 4 power circles with Cox, beating out Xfinity (3 circles) and CenturyLink (2 circles). For the most part, they deliver the speeds they promise. Keep in mind that—as with nearly all internet providers—Spectrum and AT&T's advertised prices are good for 12 months, and go up after that. Charter Spectrum Internet™ starting at Plan: Download Speeds up to: Price per month: Number of Devices: Spectrum Internet: 200 Mbps: $49.99: 4-5: Spectrum Internet Ultra: 400 Mbps: $69.99 : 6-8: Spectrum Internet Gig: 940 Mbps: $109.99: 10+ Data effective 5/28/2020 * For more details on these plans click here to learn more from our partner site, Allconnect. The speeds you get can vary anywhere from 30Mbps all the way up to 200 or even 400Mbps – Written another way: you could get 200Mbps or 400Mbps for just $44.99 a month (for the first 12 months).

Spectrum and AT&T's internet plan prices fall squarely in line with those of their competitors, offering decent if unexceptional value. As you can see, each of these cable providers exceeded those speeds, both in peak usage (dark blue) and regular-usage (light blue) times.

In the past,  before the merging of to form Spectrum, Time Warner Cable offered “extreme internet”, with speeds starting at 100Mbps and ranging up to 400Mbps.

§99.9% network reliability based on average HFC Availability, Jan 2019 - Mar 2020.
, which measures performance during peak viewing times, Spectrum took 2nd place overall behind – which also means that Spectrum performed best of all the cable ISPs during the tested times, Xfinity included (3rd place). Spectrum is working on expanding the availability of their 400 and 940Mbps plans, though – so hopefully you’ll see those options in your area in the near future. Spectrum doesn’t cap your data—no matter how much you use.
But for everyone else, Spectrum internet provides a very solid option for browsing, streaming, and casual gaming. For most people, yes. spaces. In addition to very few extra fees, Spectrum will even buy out your current ISP’s contract if you switch to them – up to $500. But, Xfinity’s $44.99/month plan gives you 50Mbps (150Mbps) more than Spectrum does for the same price. Customers can stream videos without issue and the speeds are fast enough to support multiple users on the same network. All offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change., you’ll find yourself facing just 1 plan.

Add in wide availability of 100Mbps and (unadvertised) 200Mbps plans – plus no data caps – and you’ve got a great performer for most people. Stay connected on the go with access to thousands of Spectrum WiFi Hotspots across the nation. Internet Ultra (400 Mbps for $69.99 per month), Spectrum Internet GIG (940 Mbps for $109.99 per month). Spectrum internet package offers blazing-fast internet speeds starting from 100 Mbps. That’s pretty unique for the industry. Spectrum does have an internet plan that goes up to 940Mbps of download speed (“”), but it’s super-limited in availability.

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