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internal tax that was imposed on the colonies without the consent of their colonial legislatures Townshend also formed a five-man board called the Commmissioners of the Customs for America to oversee the collection of these these laws (Brinkley, 103). The use of search warrants allowed officers to enter buildings and find smuggled goods that colonists may have hidden (Dickinson, 30). +-Related Flashcards. goods bywhich of following statements most accurately characterizes colonial boycott efforts of 1768-1769support quickly emerged from small port cites then spread to major population centers such as philadelphia and virginiamost consistent and effective means of colonial protest before the revolution werewhich patriot leader persuaded bostonians to create first committee ofbail out the financially strapped british east india companynew englanders resented the quebec act of 1774 becauseit recognized catholicism as official religion of quebecwas summoned by patriot leaders to protest the coercive acts in 1774which of following statements accurately characterizes battle of lexington and concordnominated george washington as head of continental armyjustify colonial independence by blaming the rupture on George IIIwhich of following is in correct chronological orderstamp act–sons of liberty–townshend acts–boston tea party–coercive actswhich of following was a weakness that patriots faced at beginning of the revolutionary warwhich of following statements most accurately characterizes british militarybritish were content to demonstrate superior power and tactics in hopes of convincing rebels to surrenderensured french would join in an alliance with the americansto finance war, new state governments relied primarily onlarge increase of paper currency in circulation during war yearsall of the above—-THEY WERE OPPOSITES–france was catholic and america was protestant, france was monarchy and america was a federation of republics, new englanders had brutally removed french settlers from nova scotia in 1755, france and america had fought a series of wars against each othera peace treaty was not signed until nearly two years after the surrender at yorktown becausefrance and spain stalled, hoping for some major naval victory or territorial conquestwhich of following was true under the articles of confederationwhy did it take the continental congress several years to ratify the articles of confederationthe land ordinance of 1785 and the northwest ordinance of 1787 did all of the following exceptset out a rectangular-grid system of surveying landall of following states were eventually created of the northward territory exceptland ordinances of 1780s are considered a great accomplishment of the confederation congress because theyprovided for orderly settlement and created a fair process for those areas to eventually become fully equal statesthe largest political and economical problem facing the post-revolutionary state government wasof the following patriots, who was a delegate to the constitutional conventiona bicameral legislature with a house of representatives and a senatecongress could make no law regulating the importation of slaves until 1808which constitutional provision shows a lack of trust in the “people”when the constitution was written, why were voting qualifications left to the statesthere was concern over differing state suffrage requirementswhy were delaware, new jersey, georgia, and connecticut among the first to ratify the united states constitutionthese states wanted a strong government to counter the power of larger stateswho of the following was most opposed to the ratification of the constitutionfeared high taxes, a large bureaucracy, and a standing armyin “the federalist”, no. Background: Previously, Britain had passed The Stamp Act, an act that taxed every printed document in colonists newspapers, pamphles, etc (Brinkley, 102). In 1770, the colonials hated the British Stamp Act. considered an internal tax, because it taxed the colonists on legal

colonies only had virtual representation in the British government. B. The colonies only had virtual representation in Taxes which arose out of activities that APUSH; PART 2: A NEW NATION, 1763-1840 (CHAPTERS 5-10) CH 05 OUTLINE; I. The Stamp Act was passed in Parliment is 1765 as part of Prime Minister George Grenville's attempt to pay back the roughly 70 million dollar debt incurred in the Seven Year's on goods imported into the colonies from overseas. rejected the plan for a unified colonial government, stated grievances against Secondly, Townshend re-enforced the navigation acts, trade acts, and the use of search warrants more strictly upon the colonists (Dickinson, 30). Thirdly, Townshend declared that the money colonists made from imported goods should not only be used to pay for the protection of America, but also to reimburse British officials, governors, and officers (Dickinson, 30). The Stamp Act was repealed out of expediency, not because American arguments about taxation had been accepted in England.

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