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I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

“It’s actually very different, I’m still trying to win her over,” admits joker Stan, whose weight has now stabilised at around 70kg. I just hated the world, hated everything. Could. It was so awesome, but I did feel discouraged. This weight loss, I wish it was from cancer and it was that simple. The deadliest, but the easiest.It makes you way different, aye? I want to do what I want to do and I want to do it well. I wasn't going to stop my life for this. I don't want another operation. And the assumptions were wrong.It was an encounter that I had with God [that got me out of it], things reminding me who I am, and what my purpose is. I'm done trying with this life. I think about it, and I know I've got it, but it's only important when I talk to other people.After the surgery, I had a collapsed lung, then, when I went in for a routine stretch [of the connection between the small intestine and oesophagus] I coughed, woke up and there was a leak, which meant if I ate or drank anything, I could have died.They put me on a picc line – an IV all the way through, straight to my heart. Now my oesophagus is attached to my small intestines, which operates as a small stomach. SUBSCRIBE to Stan’s YouTube Channel to view Stan’s film CHASING COMETS and his full Tauranga ONE LOVE performance plus LOT’s more exclusive content. I watched the blood just go out of my arms. Me. All of this is part of it, just in a different way.And my little cupcake – with the cream and cherry – was all pain and misery, and the cancer was the cherry on top to get me to being happy.My phone was on my chest, and I pressed Mum's number and she came running in.Walker, photographed by Alex King in February 2018.I was meant to have the operation to remove my stomach not long after the cancer diagnosis, but I said no, not now – I had to finish my work.
That's how desperate I got.I found out I had the gene when I was 15 or 16. Hurry up and get me to sleep, I want to wake up and it be done. I went on a takeaway binge, three times a day, beforehand.

Life is way too short. Mum was in the lounge, but everything seized up.I know for everyone who carries the gene, and who has or wants kids, you get scared.I saw her face when she looked at me – she said I looked dead.Throughout my life, I've wanted to die so many times.
My little cousin was up three weeks later, no complications.

THREEThe 27-year-old singer has had his stomach removed, but that was just the beginning of a health battle that, he says, almost killed him. STAN WALKER/INSTAGRAMTo be honest, I wasn't shocked.

If I hadn't got it out, well, our cancer spreads so quick, that right now I'd either be dead or on my way out. Reminders that the sun's still there, despite the rain and hail.

I didn't know I had almost no immune system – everything was gone. I wasn't in a good place at that time.

Two weeks for 23 hours a day. But I always felt like it was going to happen.On the day though, I just wanted everything to hurry up. I lost 20kg from a gallbladder issue. Well, he certainly doesn't want your sympathy.

I've been in hospital too many times and I've sat there, as I'm about to die. I'd had stomach issues and the test found polyps and erosion – but no cancer. I know no one's destined to have cancer, no one's destined to get sick and die. But man, if you see me in my car in traffic, I ain't no Christian. Right now, I can sustain my weight, but I can't gain any.Walker admits he had stuck his head in the sand about any possible surgery.

But I don't have cancer any more.

When Mum told me they don't have the gene, I was cut [up], but then I thought 'thank you Jesus'. THREEI don't have the acids a normal stomach has, so it just lets the food out straight away. I go home, and I just die. I went from my normal colour, to pure white.

That's why, for this documentary, I want to show everything when I'm in it.

And I took off heaps of time when Mum got cancer, but I was still recording. It's been full on, but not in the way that you'd think.Walker’s mum, April, was his strongest supporter during his battle to get well.

But it's just me and Mum. Australian Idol winner Stan Walker sits down with New Idea to reveal the truth about his diagnosis. STAN WALKER/INSTAGRAMWhen I found out I had cancer, one brother couldn't deal with it and the other blamed me. The rumours are true, Stan Walker had cancer. This is a gene, things just happen. I'm so competitive and motivated, that no one is going to stop me.Later, they took my appendix out too.

I am exhausted physically, mentally, everything.Nothing was really going on in my head the night before surgery. I just felt like, ugh, I'm done. 3 singles ranking for the first time on 27 January 2014. I wouldn't be performing on a stage if I wasn't. Mind you, most of those times I was on Tramadol!

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