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Stanley Marcus Estate in Dallas By Neal Leitereg | Oct 7, 2013 The longtime estate of Stanley Marcus, the late president and chairman of Neiman Marcus , has finally come to market in Dallas, TX . It was then that Erin looked across the way and exclaimed, “Oh! They spoke to Mr. Lavvorn about purchasing almost one acre of land adjacent to the old Marcus home and building their own custom home there. Memorandum From Nathaniel Davis of the National Security Council Staff to the President's Special Assistant (Rostow), March 17, 1967. Harold Stanley Marcus (April 20, 1905 – January 22, 2002) was president (1950–1972) and later chairman of the board (1972–1976) of the luxury retailer Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Texas, which his father and aunt had founded in 1907.During his tenure at the company, he also became a published author, writing his memoir Minding the Store and also a regular column in The Dallas Morning News.

Marcus introduced many of the innovations for which Neiman-Marcus became known, creating a national award for service in fashion and hosting art exhibitions in the store itself, as well as weekly fashion shows and an annual One of Stanley Marcus's first jobs was as a 10-year-old salesman of He married the former Mary "Billie" Cantrell in 1932; she initially worked in the Neiman-Marcus Sports Shop department until she retired in 1936 after the birth of their first child, Jerrie, followed two years later by twins Richard and Wendy.Marcus was responsible for a number of innovations at the Dallas retailer. Before a finger could be lifted on construction, he and Mr. Wright parted ways.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. They are what drew the owners, and Stanley Marcus before them, to this secluded place.

The owner, Stanley Marcus was president of the Dallas-based Neiman-Marcus department store. Neiman's subsequently became a subsidiary of Despite retiring officially from the company, Marcus continued to be closely involved as an advisor even through the final weeks of his life.Marcus was an avid art collector, as well as amassing a collection of Another Marcus contribution to the arts was his own work in the area of "22 Texans received salaries of $50,000 or more during year 1937", William Schack, "Neiman-Marcus of Texas" (article), Maria Halkias.

"Conscious of the role of the media in fashion promotion, Marcus prompted the members of the National Retail Dry Goods Association to convince their local press outlets to treat women's fashions as a serious subject rather than as an object of ridicule.Marcus addressed the fashion press in national meetings, encouraging editors to reassure women that stores would carry adequate supply of attractive styles, in order to prevent shoppers from flooding the stores or hoarding stock.His work promoting cooperation with the WPB's mandates did not still Marcus's competitive instincts. He created the annual Neiman-Marcus Award for Distinguished Service in Fashion, beginning in 1938, which led to the Neiman-Marcus Exposition, a fall fashion show held annually from 1938 to 1970, then periodically thereafter.For all his professional emphasis on glitz and glamour, he made another, very different mark on the American fashion industry when he was asked to join the War Production Board in We settled on certain prohibitions, such as lengths, sleeve fullness, patch pockets, ensembles, sweeps of skirts, widths of belts and depth of hems. But we have enjoyed it.”That’s fortunate, because a family as busy as this one can use a place to relax. Years later, Mr. Marcus sold the house and surrounding acreage to Mark Lavvorn, who subdivided part of it into three large lots.Enter the Youngs, who, after living in a Lakewood condo, a Park Cities rental, and a Lakewood home they’d refurbished, were thinking about finding — or building — their dream home. (For about a year, while plans were being drawn up and construction completed, they lived in a rental house.) While living there, his mother fell in love with Japanese architecture, and when they returned to America, they built not one but two Koi ponds.

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