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strike someone meaning

strike synonyms, strike pronunciation, strike translation, English dictionary … Definition of strike down in the Idioms Dictionary. de manera llamativa; de manera impresionante/sorprendente tratar de pegar/golpear/asestar un golpe (a alguien) encontrar un término medio, establecer un equilibrio (spezzare una lancia in favore di); (battersi per) tiến hành một hành động vì hoặc ủng hộ , chống lại cái gì dejar a uno sin habla, quedarse boquiabierto/pasmado lähedalt puudutama, kõige nõrgemasse kohta tabama a atinge (la) punctul sensibil, a lovi unde doare mai tare He read the essay and struck out a word here and there.He's a man who strikes out with his fists whenever he's angry.He struck up an acquaintance with a girl on the train. What does strike as expression mean? Without a job or a bank account, I'll have two strikes against me.She took two steps forward and struck him across the mouth.He struck the ball straight into the hospitality tents.At this point, it suddenly struck me that I was wasting my time.He struck me as a very serious but friendly person.She was struck by his simple, spellbinding eloquence.He insists he has struck no bargains for their release.You have to strike a balance between sleep and homework.For this revelation he was struck blind by the goddess Hera.She struck a match and held it to the crumpled newspaper in the grate.Our instinctive reaction when someone causes us pain is to strike back.They left the car and struck out along the muddy track.He struck up a friendship with a small boy who owned a pony on the island.The band struck up a tune, and riders paraded around the ring.pena de cadena perpetua tras el tercer delito gravehis head struck the beam; he struck his head on the beamhe had come within striking distance of the presidencyto put somebody within striking distance of somethingto come within striking distance of doing somethingThe stone struck me a blow on the side of the head; After months of prospecting they finally struck gold/oil; If we walk in this direction we may strike the right path.I was struck by the resemblance between the two men; It / The thought struck me that she had come to borrow money.

Watson let go, but when Patsy scrambled to his feet he stood over his recumbent foe, ready to Thus, when you and I, asleep or dozing off to sleep, fall through space and awake to sickening consciousness just before we Negotiations were going on, and the yards were full of talk of a Hard times were already in the neighborhood, where lived the families of the shopmen who had gone out on If, then, any other god comes here and offers you battle, do not fight him; but should Jove's daughter Venus come, He might have struck the King, but then there would have been left to him no alternative save death by his own hand; for a king may not fight with a lesser mortal, and he who struck the table in anger; strikes the ball with a nine iron; struck the nail with a hammer.The report struck a positive note in the final paragraph.struck the wasp from his shoulder; struck off the diseased branch with a machete.strike a trial witness's answer to a question as inadmissible hearsay.sunlight striking on the cliffs; a din struck upon their ears.

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