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striking in sentence examples

The resemblance of these structures to the old descriptions and pictures of the Mexican teocallis is so Several revisions of the text exist, the later of which present such In later years, between 1536 and 1550, numerous editions of Tyndale's New Testament were printed, twenty-one of which have been enumerated and fully described by Francis Fry.9 " The history of our English Bible begins with the work of Tyndale and not with that of Wycliffe," says Dr Westcott in his History of the English Bible, p. 316, and it is true that one of the most But both failed - Lamartine almost ludicrously - while Thiers in hard conditions made a The lofty church of the Augustinians in Thomas Street; St Mary's, the pro-cathedral, in Marlborough Street, with Grecian ornamentation within, and a Doric portico; St Paul's on Arran Quay, in the Ionic style; and the Introduced into England by one Eloye Mestrel in 1561, it was used for twelve years, and was then abandoned owing to the opposition of the mint officials to Mestrel, who was executed for counterfeiting and the sacredness of the horse to Poseidon, the epithets Hippios and Equester applied to Poseidon and Neptune, the Greek fable of the origin of the first horse (produced by Poseidon The uplands are here and there surmounted by residual monadnocks in the form of low domes and knobs; these increase in height and number towards the mountain belt, and decrease towards the coastal plain: Stone Mountain, near Atlanta, Georgia, a dome of granite surmounting the schists of the uplands, is a The likeness of the Archean of one part of the country to that of another is one of its They give some clue to the amount of erosion which the system has suffered, and also afford a clue to the route by which the animals whose fossils are found in the United States entered this country., Thus, the Niagara fauna of the interior of the United States has Among the statistics of conjugal condition the most The introduction of these lines and points constitutes a The Mufaddaliyat differs from the Hamasa in being a collection of complete odes (gasidas), while the latter is an anthology of brilliant passages specially selected for their interest or effectiveness, all that is prosaic or less St Lawrence and Hudson Bay in eastern Canada also presents one or two lakes draining each way, but in a much less - Passing westward by rail from the forest-covered Archean with its rugged granite hills, the flat prairie of Manitoba with its rich grasses and multitude of flowers comes as a very The denunciation by the British government in 1897 of commercial treaties with Belgium and Germany, at the request of Canada, was a The period of Sir Wilfrid Laurier's rule was one of That this line owed its inception and construction chiefly to the joint enterprise of two private individuals, Messrs Mackenzie and Mann, was a These confirmations, as they are called, should be carefully recorded in all critical texts, inasmuch as they constitute the most When springing up among rocks or on ledges, the stem sometimes becomes much curved, and, with its spreading boughs and pendent branchlets, often forms a Though his military services in this short campaign were not of a 2 (total 12) in the Australian water-rats; but in the great majority of species it presents The prospect of the city with its cupolas, towers, spires and the copper green roofs of its palaces, as seen from the distance, is one of This sudden leap into popularity seems to have been occasioned in connexion with a veiled allusion to Irving's On the whole there is clearly a presumption that where we have And in general it may be stated that the hypothesis of such an intermixture of forms from neighbouring dialects has been rendered in recent years far more credible by the Between these dates Houdon had not been idle; busts of Catharine II., Diderot and Prince Galitzin were remarked at the Salon of 1773, and at that of 1775 he produced, not only his Morpheus in marble, but busts of Turgot, Gluck (in which the marks of small-pox in the face were reproduced with The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage.

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