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Additionally, you can request an invite if you are incorporated in Brazil, India, or Mexico.The bad news is that most of the countries on this list have rather high taxes. Or, even worse, read far too many blog posts offering conflicting information before making a decision.Assuming that Stripe picked the best place for your company is silly; they picked a place that would have lots of demand.Stripe Atlas is far less revolutionary for corporate setups than Stripe itself is for merchant accounts.

It also functions like a watered-down version of a wire transfer in that funding to your bank isn’t as immediate as in the US.Unfortunately, you don’t have many other banking options. Not the $500 package that Stripe offers for your company formation, bank and merchant account setup, legal advice and business help all bundled together.Real advice costs more because there is a significant return on your investment.We get people asking for free advice all the time here on the blog, on our YouTube channel, and everywhere they can find us about their specific questions.But I don’t answer questions for free, not only because I have spent tens of thousands of dollars sorting every aspect of my own tax plan on a US and global level over the years but also because the professionals I work with to help hundreds of other people do the same do not work for free either.If you are going to ask a complicated question, you are going to have a complicated payment.Nobody is doing US tax for cheap. You can get a company registered, a bank account, and a merchant account easily in Hong Kong, Singapore, or lots of other places, and we’d be happy to help at Stripe’s recent announcement that it is now in the corporate services business has people calling it a “game changer.” Really?

We help US citizens remotely set up US bank accounts for personal and business use.

They are rampant, and you can be sued for almost anything.

For US citizens, a US structure can make sense when set up properly, but for non-US citizens, I often recommend other jurisdictions in Europe or Asia.For most of the global entrepreneurs I’ve spoken to over the years, it’s possible for even the most rigorous of companies like Amazon to pay them in more friendly locales.Far too many entrepreneurs hop on the “me too” bandwagon and adopt the same corporate strategies their friends do. In the US, an individual must physically appear before a banker in a branch office to set up many banking services, including accounts and international transfers.Not only is this difficult to do with remote account opening, but many clients from emerging market countries who are attracted by what Stripe Atlas offers do not have access to the type of information US banks need in order to do a credit check.While there is a chance that Stripe is in violation of Know-Your-Customer laws, Stripe does not seem to care, and no one has given them any issue over it since they’ve been in operation.While this issue seems to be fine, everything we do here at Nomad Capitalist has to be Most foreigners do not understand just how litigious people are in the United States. And they don’t factor in the consequences of such a decision.

[/footnote] The chances of you applying to YC, getting in, and finding follow-on funding in successive rounds to grow a billion-dollar company are likely lower than 0.4 percent, if we use past performance of YC startups as an indicator of future success of your company. Will Orrick be the registered agent? ... We got $5000 for hosting bill and another $5000 for business support. They did not understand the most basic of concepts.Stripe Atlas is not going to provide the right service for you for $500 when 98% of US tax advisers cannot do it for you for $275 an hour.

Where is your asset protection?

Newcomer Omise is essentially Thailand’s Stripe, and it is pushing hard to expand into Indonesia.

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