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struggle in english

In 12 years of teaching ESL (English as …

the struggle to find somewhere to live an environment in which every day is a struggle for survival The new rise in credit card charges will intensify the struggle for survival of hundreds of shopkeepers turtle meat is regarded as a delicacy.

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to proceed or act clumsily or ineffectually

to devote serious and sustained effort
Spanish Translation of “struggle” | The official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online. Delivered to your inbox! struggled v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, "He saw the man." a forceful effort to reach a goal or objective

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Synonyms of struggle in English: struggle. verb. Find another word for struggle.

, try hard, endeavour, make every effort, spare no effort, exert oneself, do one's best, do all one can, do one's utmost, battle, labour, toil, strain, bend over backwards, put oneself out, give it one's best shot, put one's back into it, plug away, peg away‘James was hit in the mouth as he struggled with the raiders’, grapple, wrestle, scuffle, brawl, spar, exchange blows, come to blows‘research teams struggle to be first to the finish’, contend, contest, vie, fight, battle, clash, wrangle, jockey, lock horns, cross swords, war, wage war, feud, drag oneself, battle one's way, fight one's way, battle, labour, striving, effort, exertion, labour, work, toiling, pains‘we were able to apprehend the gang without a struggle’, scuffle, brawl, tussle, wrestling match, sparring match, wrestling bout, bout, skirmish, fracas, melee, affray, encounter, disturbance, breach of the peace, barney, set-to, dust-up, punch-up, ruction, free-for-all, argy-bargy‘a third of the population perished in the struggle’, fight, battle, armed conflict, combat, confrontation, clash, skirmish, encounter, engagement, vying, rivalry, strife, friction, feuding, conflict, labour, problem, trial, trouble, stress, strain, bother, battleThese Foreign Words And Phrases Are Now Used In EnglishDoes English Have More Words Than Any Other Language?Are You Learning English? an earnest effort for superiority or victory over another a physical dispute between opposing individuals or groups Relate to and share our best poems about life struggles. Translations in context of "struggle" in English-Italian from Reverso Context: struggle against, struggle with, struggle between, power struggle, signs of a struggle

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