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The mission of the Media Research Center is to create a media culture in America where truth and liberty flourish. The younger Sulzberger is the sixth member of the Ochs Sulzberger clan to serve as publisher of the prominent New York newspaper. Sulzberger speaks onstage at the Committee to Protect Journalists’ 29th Annual International Press Freedom Awards on Nov. 21, 2019, in NYC.Man who lost penis to infection has a bigger one built for him — on his armCourt docs detail Maxwell's 'constant' orgies with girls on Epstein islandPrivates made public: Epstein victim details Maxwell’s anatomy in newly unsealed documents The Times wasn't liberal: it merely reflects a flexible urban viewpoint. Revised several times, the Sulzberger trust now states that the power and money are held principally by the 13 cousins in Arthur, Jr.'s generation. With the family having such a long history at the Times, some staffers felt like part of the family, too. If it did, reporters there would learn that the Ochs-Sulzberger family that has owned and run the paper for 125 years has a “complicated legacy” of its own.That legacy includes Confederates in the closet — men and at least one woman who supported the South and slavery during the Civil War.

“But they are deeply devoted to this place, and the three of us are committed to continuing to work as a team.” Early life. All Rights Reserved. Your contribution will help us bring you vital news It’s Complicated: The Sulzberger Family And The Jewish Legacy At The New York TimesArthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. speaking at The New York Times’ New Work Summit in Half Moon Bay, Calif., Feb. 29, 2016. Their marching orders would be to examine the Times in the same way they would examine any other institution, which means they are free to use anonymous quotes. We Remember SSNP Legends Ibtissam Harb And Khaled al-Azraq, Martyred Fighting ‘Israel’ On This Day 33 Years Ago. He went to great lengths to avoid having The Times branded a ‘Jewish newspaper.’”As a result, wrote Frankel, Sulzberger’s editorial page “was cool to all measures that might have singled [Jews] out for rescue or even special attention.”Though The Times wasn’t the only paper to provide scant coverage of Nazi persecution of Jews, the fact that it did so had large implications, “Had The Times’ highlighted Nazi atrocities against Jews, or simply not buried certain stories, the nation might have awakened to the horror far sooner than it did,” Jones and Tifft wrote.“Those stories got a little more editorial attention, and I’m not saying they were leaning one way or another, but the paper was conscious that it had this reputation and had this background and wanted to make sure that the stories were told fairly and wouldn’t lead to charges of favoritism or of bending over backwards,” ” he told JTA on Monday.Arthur Ochs Sulzberger raised his son, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr., in his wife’s Episcopalian faith.

The station was built in the basement of the Times’ first Midtown tower, which led the city, at Ochs’ request, to rename what had been Long Acre to Times Square. It also says his newspapers published numerous editorials “and commemorative editions dedicated to Confederate veterans’ activities.”Ochs was a generous philanthropist in Chattanooga and in 1928 donated land and a reported $100,000 to build a new temple there. Now it promised to New Yorkers can make up their own minds because the MTA, per usual, never finished the job, as a Post photographer proved last week.In a long, flowery tribute after his death, the congressional record of the House said, “The story of Mr. Adolph S. Ochs . “Borglum had been involved with another project: an enormous bas-relief at Stone Mountain in Georgia that memorialized Confederate leaders,” the reporters wrote.There was little in the story that was remarkable, and that was the point. The younger Sulzberger is the sixth member of the Ochs Sulzberger clan to serve as publisher of the prominent New York newspaper. July 9, 2018 MaddColdSonofKufa Leave a comment.

They are inseparably woven.”Indeed they are, largely because Ochs was determined to keep the paper in his family well beyond his life.

In 1928, The Confederate Veteran magazine admired Bertha’s boldness, writing that “for a Mother of Israel to defy her husband and an entire army was no mean assertion of militant feminism in those days.”Her husband, however, was rattled by the smuggling, and Julius, who had served in the Union army, moved the family to Tennessee in 1864, an unusual migration to a Confederate state while the war still raged.After Adolph took over the Chattanooga Times, brother George became active in local and national Democratic politics. Today the family’s Jewish ties are less apparent than they were in the past. Sulzberger's mother was of mostly English and Scottish origin and his father was of German Jewish origin (both Ashkenazic and Sephardic). The building still stands and the Julius and Bertha Ochs Memorial Temple serves about 200 Jewish families.Seven years later, Ochs died suddenly on a visit to Chattanooga. When are earmarks considered pork?

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