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superfluous words in a sentence

He is an absolute master of the otiose word, the superfluous sentence. Examples of Superfluous in a sentence Isn't it superfluous to have 20 pairs of shoes when you only wear the same 5 pairs? — Nouns for superfluous: words, water, word, flesh, man, ... — Use superfluous in a sentence. This is the question of superfluous expression. 4. Click on a word above to view its definition. Isn't it superfluous to have 20 pairs of shoes when you only wear the same 5 pairs? 12 Responses to “Eliminating Superfluous Phrases” Krissy on June 04, 2007 7:38 pm. By streamlining your sentences and cutting out a few phrases, you can communicate your point much more effectively.For example, here is a list of some that crop up frequently:Clear concise writing applies to all genres and helps your audience understand your point without being bogged down.Here are some quotations from newspapers that illustrate the cumbersome use of those phrases:Payne, who turns 70 in October, will be succeeded by Fred Ridley, 65, a former U.S. Because the recipe is annoying me with superfluous details, such as adding in a sprig of rosemary, I'm trying another. again in the same hour!

superfluous definition: The definition of superfluous is something that is more than needed or unnecessary. It's superfluous of you to ask 'How am I doing?' Because I have already answered your question several times, answering it again would be superfluous. Technique consists of chipping away everything Twenty years ago, baby boomers were written about as if every one of them had as a life goal making enough money to accumulate the same 15 37 In an earlier age such an inquiry would have seemed superfluous. I call that lawyer-speak at work and I get emails like those all day long. cleared off all the For farmworker groups, the prospect of having an entirely new legalization scheme tied to the pandemic can seem Trustee Joyce Foreman said that some of her constituents complained that the presentations were too long, and that budget information was Marcella Hazan’s classic tomato sauce is so good and right and simple that describing it feels The idea of adding anything to that quietly confident, freestanding narrative package feels There is an urge to acquire new belongings and to discard those that are As there are many things to take care of we end up leaving the

It's superfluous to say something is both necessary and useful.

; And a superfluous k is very common. Eliminate superfluous words from your speech. The report was marred by a mass of superfluous detail. Seems more educated I think. Find sentence examples at Your Dictionary.

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