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The Swedish Lotto Plus – “The Winner Takes It All!" Odds – 1:7. The Extra Game number drawn is 1743221.You match twice, 9753135. We take the Lotto Plus 1 …

Having a 1 in the 5th position does you no good if a 1 is drawn in the 2nd position.Also, you must buy the Extra Game option on your ticket to win the absolute grand prize, as this is won by matching all 7 numbers in the main Swedish Lotto and also having at least 2 matches in the Extra Game.The Swedish Lotto doesn’t have a set number that the jackpot is guaranteed to meet or exceed.In the even that a given jackpot rolls over, the next drawing’s jackpot will be significantly higher.If no jackpot matching ticket is sold, the Swedish Lotto will continue to roll over. In this guide, we collect the winning chances in Sweden's and the world's most popular lotteries. A lottery companies share the cost of the tickets, which means that you are able to buy more lines and thus more chances to win.Statistics show that 1 in 6 jackpot prizes won by the so-called corporate players who share a percentage game. This is because each number is only 1 to 35, while in most other large lotteries the number range is significantly higher. Are you looking for a jackpot, you can hardly afford to avoid it. You don’t win the main Swedish Lotto, but for getting two matches in the Extra Game you win a prize of €7.22.Let’s say your Extra Game number is 9753135. Our exclusive Swedish Lotto Plus game gives you the exact SAME (if not higher) jackpots, the exact SAME odds of winning, the exact SAME format, on the exact same days. The ‘Extra Game’ … In addition to the overall jackpot, a number of other prizes for partial matches of numbers exist.One thing to note is that unlike many lotteries, the lower prize values are not fixed, but instead are dependent on ticket sales. The below values are estimates.If you choose to play the Extra Game, you’ll also select a 7 digit number. Additionally, anyone can buy a ticket to play the Swedish Lotto online. You can win different prizes, the individual prizes determined by how many of the numbers match up. Like 7-from-35 style lottos like the Swedish Lotto? The drawings also show the same results. The Swedes, by the way, call their jackpot the Drömvinsten, or “Dream Win.” For more information, please look at the table below: The Swedish Lotto Plus – “The Winner Takes It All!" If one of the tickets sold for that drawing matches each of the 7 numbers, that ticket wins the jackpot. What is the ‘Extra Game’? This is your Extra Game number. Like 7-from-35 style lottos like the Swedish Lotto? A number of third party sources exist for purchasing Swedish Lotto tickets.The Swedish Lotto drawing happens twice each week, each Wednesday and Saturday evening. The Swedish Lotto Plus is a great all-round lottery. What are the odds of winning Swedish Lotto Plus? The drawings also show the same results. Choose any of the five locations, each location to select a number (0 ~ 9), if the selected location of the five numbers and lottery numbers corresponding position numbers all match, you can win the prize in the chances of winning: One in ten thousand. In addition to the main lottery, the Swedish Lotto offers something called the Extra Game, a way of both winning money outright regardless of your results in the main lottery, and … Partial matches are also eligible to win prizes.To play the Swedish Lotto, you’ll need to buy a ticket.

The prizes are as high or higher. The results for Swedish Lotto Plus are selected from the Swiss Loto Express keno game that is an official game of the Swiss National Lottery. The Swedish lottery is another draw which runs on Wednesdays and Saturdays to give you double the chance of… Players who enjoy the Swedish Lotto’s attractive, tax-free European prizes may also want to try their hand with EuroMillions or buy lottery … The Extra Game costs €1.11 extra, so a ticket to Swedish Lotto plus the Extra game is €2.22.The odds of winning each of the possible prizes for the Swedish Lotto are as follows:The Swedish government does not have an income tax, so any winnings from the Swedish Lotto are not taxed at all.International players playing Swedish Lotto through online services should check with their home country’s government to determine whether they owe their own government taxes on the winnings.The biggest jackpot ever won in Swedish Lotto history was a jackpot win in April of 2013, which was worth about €25,000,000.18+, please play responsibly, for help and support visit Does the Swedish Lotto Have a Guaranteed Minimum Jackpot?What Happens in the Event that the Swedish Lotto Rolls Over?How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Swedish Lotto Ticket? When the main lottery numbers are drawn, a 7 digit number will also be created.Depending on how many exact matches your Extra Game number has with the one created by the Swedish Lotto, you can either win money outright, or else multiply your winnings from the main lottery.Let’s say your Extra Game number is 9753135. ANNUAL GAME OF SWEDISH LOTTO. As shown by official estimates, the odds of winning the top prize are 1 in 6,724,520. GAME OF SWEDISH LOTTO. When playing at Lotto Land you do not buy lottery tickets to official draws of the various lotteries.Instead, you play on the draws of Lotto Land.

There are 5 prize tiers for the Swedish Lotto Plus: Matched Numbers Odds of Winning; 7: 1:6,724,520: 6+1: 1:240,161: 6: 1:40,027: 5: 1:847: 4: 1:59: How are the winning numbers generated?

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