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From the level AS or ED (äußerst schwierig/extremely difficult/extrêment difficile) you have to be prepared for ice climbing passages that require appropriate equipment such as If one or more help criteria have to be taken into account when planning the route, the level of difficulty is increased again. The conversion of the final grade / grade average of degrees awarded by foreign higher education institutions into the Swiss grading system follows the subsequent formula: [The result is rounded to one decimal place.]

Grades of Swiss Cheese, Emmentaler Cheese.

Grades can be awarded based on internal (institutional) assessment or external examination, or both. For example, the "quite difficult" level is abbreviated with ZS "for ziemlich schwierig" or AD for "assez difficile". Die Noten – Understanding the German and the UK/US Grading Systems. We use Google Search as our search engine. If you are already a Bergfreunde customer, you can log in here Hikers, tour hikers and climbers probably know the coloured markings, that can always be seen on paths and routes in the mountains. Receive more information by reading our privacy policy.

There are also regional differences, which is why you should find out in advance which scales are used locally and what they mean. At its core, it resembles the ski tour scale and is also based on the Good weather conditions as well as knowledge of appropriate navigation tools such as a Then you can get out and enjoy the fresh air. It is indicated in Roman numerals and ranges from I to VII. The Swiss Alpine Club has now also developed its own scale for ski tours. It accepts both numerical as well as letter grades.

These are estimates about the level of difficulty of the path or route.

Use this GPA conversion table and other valuable resources.

The UIAA scale used today was therefore extended and now reaches up to a difficulty level of 11+, although from the eighth level there is no literal definition any more, but with higher digits there are increased A detailed description of common climbing scales can be found in our practical The Swiss Alpine Club has now also developed its own scale for ski tours.
U.S. grade A Swiss cheese shall conform to the following requirements (See Tables I, II, III, IV, and V of this section): a.

This convenient table converts your grades to the 4.0 GPA (Grade Point Average) scale commonly used in the U.S.
The faculties may use different conversion formulas for the recognition of foreign course achievements. Oh wow! Uni Research / 30 Jul 2020 At other times you'll find us in the mountains!We are the first 100% climate-neutral online outdoor retailer certified by ClimatePartner.Even when we're out and about, you can still have your questions answered online anytime!Don't miss out on the latest offers & products - plus € 5 off your next order!We want to know what you think - We can't wait to hear your opinion! This conversion formula is only binding for the admission process to all levels of degree courses (bachelor, master, doctorate) and can only be used for absolute, not for relative scales. In some regions, decimal grades are used: 5.5, 4.5, etc. The classification of the respective levels go back to the SAC scale, which was developed in 2002 by the The Swiss hiking scale is divided into six levels that range from T1 to T6 and are mainly based on the Unfortunately, the scales are only partially similar to those of the German, Austrian or Italian hiking associations.

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