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the education act 1944 11 categories

The basis of the 1944 Education Act was a memorandum entitled There was a desire to keep the churches involved in education but they could not afford to modernise without government help. It abolished fees on parents for state secondary schools.

Every state-funded school was required to begin the day with a nondenominational religious prayer.The Education Act 1944 made it a duty of local education authorities to provide school meals and milk.

The Education Act 1944 made numerous major changes in the provision and governance of secondary schools in England and Wales. The authority could remit the charge for the meal in cases of hardship.Below are the three Secretaries of State responsible for the withdrawal of milk for schoolchildren, between 1968 and 1977: By negotiation with the The legislation was enacted in 1944, but its changes were designed to take effect after the war, thus allowing for additional pressure groups to have their influence.Butler designed the Act as an expression of "The Act sharply distinguished between primary and secondary education at age 11 and ended the traditional all-age (5-14) elementary sector, enforcing the division between primary (5–11 years old) and secondary (11–15 years old) education that many local authorities had already introduced. It is also known as the "Butler Act" after the President of the Board of Education, R. A. Butler. The Act was repealed in steps with the last parts repealed in 1996. It brought a more equitable funding system to localities and to different school sectors. Historians consider it a "triumph for progressive reform," and it became a core element of the post-war consensus supported by all major parties. The Act renamed the Board of Education as the One of the results of the Act was to increase the openness of secondary schools to girls and the The Act provided both for nursery schools and Further Education programs through community colleges, offering education for both children and adults, a measure that was only followed through by a few LEAs such as the Anglican schools were continued, but brought under increased state funding and control.

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