the overall dimming of starlight by interstellar matter is called: funny mad libs / modern whig party platform
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the overall dimming of starlight by interstellar matter is called:

Caused by starlight scatted from dust particles in interstellar clouds, they appear blue for much the same blue light more easily scattered by interstellar matter. The overall dimming of starlight by interstellar matter is called We know more about the gas than the dust Which statement is true about the interstellar medium?

Also, clouds are so vast that even at low density they contain a lot of dust.How can interstellar dust block starlight in spite of its extremely low density?It dims and reddens the light of all more distant stars.What effect does even thin clouds of dust have on light passing through them?Due to absorption of shorter wavelengths by interstellar dust clouds, distant stars appearUnlike the ultraviolet photons originally emitted by the embedded stars of an emission nebula, the photons emitted by the recombination of electrons with atomsEmission nebulae like M42 occur only near stars that emit large amounts ofWhich of these is not a consequence of dust in the interstellar medium?stars in that region are hidden by dark dust particles.Some regions along the plane of the Milky Way appear dark becauseAstronomers use roman numerals to indicate the ionization state of a gas.

The obscurationIts effect on starlight to measure both the amount and the size of interstellar dustA beam of light can be absorbed or scattered only by particles having diameterscomparable to or larger than the wavelength of the radiation involvedA range of dust particle sizes will tend to block shorter wavelengths most effectivelyThe amount of obscuration (absorption, scattering) produced by particles of a given sizeHence, dusty regions of interstellar space are transparent to long-wavelength radio andinfrared radiation, but opaque to shorter wavelength optical and UV radiationThe overall dimming of starlight by interstellar matter is called extinctionBecause the interstellar medium is more opaque to short-wavelength radiation than toradiation of longer wavelengths, light from distant stars is robbed of its higher frequency (blue)o

In addition, the dust preferentially absorbs short-wavelength radiation, leadingto reddening of light passing through interstellar cloudso Interstellar dust is thought to be composed of silicates, graphite, iron, and "dirtyo Grains are linear, or rodlike, on small scaleso Emission nebulae are made of hot, thin gas that yields detectable emission lineso The overall dimming of starlight by interstellar matter is called: I for the neutral atom (that is, not ionized)o II for a singly ionized atom (an atom missing one electron)o Stellar and planetary sizes pale in comparison to the vastness of interstellaro

Thus, matter can accumulate, regardless of how thinly it is spreadCentauri would contain more than 10 billion dust particleso

The radiation has become polarized en route to Earth, with the electric fields allAn emission nebula results with UV radiation from 1+ hot stars ionizes part of anIf starlight happens to encounter another dusty cloud, some of the radiation,particularly at the shorter wavelength blue end of the spectrum, may be scattered back towardWe refer to the ionization state of an atom by attaching a roman numeral to theo

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