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And the mid-older pup. And saying his father still loves him, and adding he'll never disappoint him. You can get a Everest, Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rocky, Zuma and Rubble as action figures in your purchase of a Happy Meal. After Skye tells her story and everything else, they hear some rich-snotty voices calling out her name. The team's mission-commander Ryder(Joey Nijem), his father Walker Mason (Jeff Goldblum)a police scientist, Kathy(originally named Katie)(Katherine Forrester), Alex Porter(Christian DiStefano)and Marshall's parents & Chase's adoptive-parents Blaze (Mel Gibson) & Misty (Jennifer Aniston) cheers them on. Skye stays with him to continue their search. He is greeted by his friend Everest(Berkley Silverman). They head inside. And he doesn't care if he forgives them or not while stating that knowing he's not dead is good enough for him before calling him "big bro" with a sad smile. And while during the mission & search-party, each of the pups look back at a time, even during their early years where Marshall was a hero to them. Marshall retreats to a cave to where he can just wait there till the thunderstorm stops. Marshall, still sobbing as well, says he loves him back and apologizes for breaking their promise. Devan Cohen as Ruben "Rubble" Cohen, English-Bulldog, Construction-pup, Marshall's third best friend, Zuma's second best friend, youngest member of the team and the surrogate little brother to the Pups Misty: "Yes, we feel like you're practically family already" Trailer begins with the Paramount Pictures logo showing along with Nickelodeon Movies and Spin-Master logos. Carlos and Tracker then alert an emergency in the jungle about a fire spreading. Skye argues telling him to slow down, but he ignores. Robopup also make small appearances. She never saw Chase so violent and this was the first time he looked like he was willing to kill. Rocky then said he prayed for him to be alive and that he would even going through a thunderstorm if it meant seeing him again before licking him on his face, meaning he'll never let him down again. He even screams at Chase reminding him who was there for him all the way from the start even when his father died, saying he was his brother and yet, he yelled at him as if he was some sort of criminal. Once the boys make it to the elevator(with Skye already at the top), they realize how empty it feels without Marshall just as it was from During the mission, each pup begins to have a flashback that had involved Marshall being a hero to them while remembering their early-years. Meanwhile, Marshall also feels guilty for leaving, feeling he should've gone to his parents if he was heartbroken. Starting from a young-age he was very smart, read a lot and would recycle any object to create any invention of his he came up with, but oftentimes the other pups would pick on him and beat him up, resulting them to get grounded by the caretaker that cared for Rocky the most. She says she found him in a cave after smelling his scent. India Arie cameos as a funeral usher in Marshall's funeral scene.

Marshall tells him that everyone makes mistakes, even he himself goofed up when he learned to climb his ladder while still landing on his butt despite getting the hang of it, which makes Rubble laugh. The Pups proclaim that this was their biggest adventure yet. After saving his life a year ago and ever since she's been on the team & been a close friend to the PAW Patrol, Marshall & Everest have always had a crush on each other, but have never revealed their feelings.

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