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Zanzibar Sultanate synonyms, Zanzibar Sultanate pronunciation, Zanzibar Sultanate translation, English dictionary definition of Zanzibar Sultanate. Zanzibari woman, 1885. A carved door in Stone Town.

The island of Zanzibar, now a part of Tanzania, was a nineteenth century East African trading empire that fell under the domination of the British who controlled it until the mid-twentieth century. Major states, peoples, and trade routes of eastern Africa, c. 1850.This article was most recently revised and updated by Sultanate of Zanzibar, 19th-century East African trading empire that fell under the domination of the British, who controlled it until the mid-20th century. 246.Agreement of 14 June 1890: State pp. During his first year as Sultan, his younger brother Khalifah bin Said attempted a military coup to take control of the throne. Some historians believe that he was poisoned by his cousin, Khalid bin Barghash, who immediately took the throne after his death.Khalid bin Barghash, the sixth Sultan of Zanzibar, only ruled for 3 days. An exception occurred after the death of the sultan Ḥamad ibn Thuwayn on Zanzibar’s longest-serving sultan, Khalīfa ibn Harūb, assumed the throne on December 9, 1911, and served until his death on October 9, 1960. Sultan of Zanzibar's Palace - Flickr / Kevin Harber African history June 7, 2016. The sultan then terminated the Treaty of Seeb and eliminated the office of the imam. Pin. The Sultanate, and its flag, didn’t last long. Features  Categories  Over 20,000 people were killed and refugees, especially Arabs and Indians, escaped the island as a consequence of the revolution.

Barghash had him thrown in prison for 3 years.

Additionally, he is credited with abolishing the slave trade in Zanzibar in 1873. The United Kingdom ceded sovereignty over the Colony of Kenya and, under an agreement dated 8 October 1963, the Sultan agreed that simultaneous with independence for Kenya, the Sultan would cease to have sovereignty over the Protectorate of Kenya.On 10 December 1963, the Protectorate that had existed over Zanzibar since 1890 was terminated by the United Kingdom. The Sultans of Zanzibar (Arabic: سلاطين زنجبار ‎) were the rulers of the Sultanate of Zanzibar, … Although most sultans were generally aligned with the British, Khalid ibn Barghash was a notable exception. 87, p.968.HC Deb 22 November 1963 vol 684 cc1329-400 wherein the UK Under-Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations and for the Colonies stated" "An agreement was then signed on 8 October 1963, providing that on the date when Kenya became independent the territories composing the Kenya Coastal Strip would become part of Kenya proper." The Sultanate of Zanzibar (Swahili: Usultani wa Zanzibar, Arabic: سلطنة زنجبار‎, romanized: Sulṭanat Zanjībār), also known as the Zanzibar Sultanate, comprised the territories over which the Sultan of Zanzibar is the sovereign.

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