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- Globalization - Important because the technology and techniques used constantly change to increase the crop production - Imports and exports - Third largest export economy in the world - Most imported crop from the Netherlands - Biggest export: cereals - Biggest import: bananas The different techniques that promoted the increase in agricultural productivity was called The Green Revolution, also Third Agricultural Revolution, and was based mainly on the use of varieties of high-yielding seeds, cultivated in large areas (monoculture), and the use of large amounts of fertilizers, phytoregulators and pesticides. The basic plough with coulter, ploughshare, and moldboard remained in use for a millennium. There are two primary methods of farming in the world. 2016. In the middle decades of the last century, pioneering work by visionary scientists such as Norman Borlaug, whose granddaughter is with us here today, transformed the scale of food production worldwide. 04 Dec. 2016.Caldwell, Maggie, Tom Philpott, Jaeah Lee, Russ Choma, and Hannah Levintova. N.p., 16 May 2013.

The mechanization and rationalization of agriculture was a key factor of the Agricultural Revolution. The third agricultural revolution changed the way farming has been done for centuries. 2016. N.p., n.d. 04 Dec. Agricultural Revolution Inventions. 2016.@newsmax. And it is true that globally agricultural production has increased the yield per acreage.This model of intensive agricultural production was a revolution in the 50s and was the result, among others, of the work of a distinguished agronomist, geneticist and North American phytopathologist named Norman Ernest Borlaug.

Conserve Energy Future. American Home Front in World War II. 04 Dec. 04 Dec. 2016. "5 Surprising Genetically Modified Foods." The Third Agricultural Revolution, which is commonly referred to as the "Green Revolution," refers to a set of initiatives in the field of research technologies that began in the 1950s and finished in the late 1960s. In the British Agricultural Revolution, farmers improved fertile land in order to sustain the nutrients in soil. N.p., 01 Nov. 2015. The Agricultural Revolution in Britain proved to be a major turning point, allowing population to far exceed earlier peaks and sustain the country’s rise to industrial preeminence. New tools were invented and old ones perfected to improve the efficiency of various agricultural operations. N.p., 03 Dec. 2016. Agricultural Revolution Inventions., n.d. N.p., n.d.

Borlaug is considered by many the father of modern agriculture, and in 1970 received the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in the eradication of hunger and malnutrition in developed countries. About 690,000 tractors came in the place of 2 million horses and mules in the second agricultural revolution.3. The Three Agricultural Revolutions show how the world has evolved in farming.The First Agricultural Revolution is the transition from moving and migrating around to hunt and gather to staying in one territory to plant/farm and raising livestock for food. Web. The Three Agricultural Revolutions have greatly impacted the world in many ways. The distance and weight of crops as well as their distance to … 2016.@healthline. 2016. Fact File. "GMO Food Pros and Cons." There is a lot more usage of fertilizer and farmers are now using GMO's.Genetically modified organisms(GMO’s) are when a plant or an animal has had some kind of altercation with their DNA or genes that scientists have done. The second agricultural revolution is also called the arabian agricultural revolution. GMO’s make it easier for farmers because it increases yield and drought tolerance.Pros: Increases yield and drought tolerance, improves nutrition, better taste, environmentally friendly, lower chance of disease, farmers can grow more food on less land.Cons: Can create higher allergy risk, lowers the resistance to antibiotics, can lead to gene transfer.What’s the difference between subsistence, sustainable, and commercial farming? Foodshed Alliance. - Conserve Energy Future." N.p., 11 June 2015. LIVESTRONG.COM. Listed below are many of the inventions that were created or greatly improved during the agricultural revolution.

A third agricultural revolution, following the British Agricultural Revolution and the Green Revolution, will potentially succeed in feeding the world by 2050.

2016. In 1961 the Ministry of Agriculture of India invited Borlaug and promoted the use of a semidwarf rice variety (IR8), capable of producing more rice grains per plant under certain fertilization and irrigation conditions. The third agricultural revolution is also known as the green revolution.2. "Wiki Three Agriculture Revolutions."

Beginning in the 1950s, the third industrial revolution brought semiconductors, mainframe computing, personal computing, and the Internet—the digital revolution. 04 Dec. 2016.Vaesa, MPH Janelle.

N.p., n.d. The Agricultural Revolution began in Great Britain around the turn of the 18th century.

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