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thompsons beach fishing

Thompson Beach started as a sub-division in 1980 with boundaries being created in June 1997.

There’s shorebird trails nearby if you like following trails or you could just walk up and down the beach spotting fish, crabs and birds.Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The height of a high tide can vary quite a bit at other times. Head west on Thompson Beach Road after turning into Dublin and five minutes or so later you’ll be crossing the salt pans to the tiny township itself. Rub plenty of salt on it and then bake it without foil or on a BBQ. Thompson Beach is 56 kilometres north of Adelaide… about an hour in the usual traffic.

Note that females “in berry” i.e., with external eggs, The bag limit is pretty generous, but it doesn’t mean you have to take all you catch just because you can. Even if you don’t catch a thing, the stunning views will more than make up for it.

Taking a more relaxed approach not only works, it also means if the crab should get away, it should be with all its legs and claws intact and without any holes in its shell or other damage. Alternate names for this beach include Thompson Beach. It’s nicer than you think but the Gold Coast it ain’t. Thompsons Beach is a beach located just 4.4 miles from Port Norris, in Cumberland County, in the state of New Jersey, United States, near Heislerville, NJ. Crab raking is when you use a rake with wider gaps and a curly end to flip Blue Swimmer crabs from their weedy hiding places in the water and drop them into a bucket. Using a … Fished around the mangroves at the start and had the occasional nipple but no hook up. Thompsons Tidal pool is very big and has life savers. Once cooked the skin will easily peel away and the flesh will separate from the bones.Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it :). It’s called the ‘samphire coast’ which is a nice name for mangroves. Be careful, if it then grabs onto your finger, it won’t be something you forget too soon.The daily boat limit (3 or more people on board) is 60.The minimum legal size for blue swimmer crabs is 11 cm, which is measured across the shell from the base of the largest spines. It doesn’t always go quite this smoothly, and you may need a couple of tries, so try not to stir up the bottom so you can see where the crab has gone.You may also find that once the blue swimmer crab latches onto the rake, it won’t let go. It only has a small strip of sand, but at high tide even a young child can walk out without the water going much above waist level. Pick up some more tips on One of the most commonly caught fish at Thompson Beach is salmon trout – a highly underrated table fish in my view!They’ll take whitebait, bluebait, pippies and blood worms and also lures.The trick to cooking salmon trout in my opinion is one that might not appeal to many. This isn’t as bad as that. Thompson Beach is well known for its blue swimmer crabs, which can be harvested during October, November, December, January, February, March and April.I’m told from the beginning of October until November is when the crabs are considered to be at their most tasty and in the best condition. Crab raking is when you use a rake with wider gaps and a curly end to flip Blue Swimmer crabs from their weedy hiding places in the water and drop them into a bucket. This shows my drive along the esplanade and straight onto the beach at low tide.

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