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to boot urban dictionary

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Literally: "Also" but used to represent an extra.

"; To kill a person and put the body in the trunk of a car; A violent murder resulting in someone's body ending up in … One who is still stuck in boot camp mode. Used to describe someone who is right out of boot camp and or their MOS school; 2. one who is unexperienced; 3. usually the target of hazing; 4. A 'Boot' is a generic word for someone who is an idiot or un-attractive. If you are not straight it would be the other way around! Kristen's an amazing girl, and sexy to boot!"
(n) (v)Military term: 1. "We just got a fresh shipment of boots in our victor unit yesterday. This is due to the fact that Euro/Aussie lingo refers to the trunk of a car as the "Boot. Opposite of a PAZ which is a permanent autonomous zone. throwing up (usually from drinking) temporary autonomous zone, from Hakim Bey's TAZ: Broadsheets of Ontological Anarchism. You would generally call a fellow member of the same sex a 'Boot' for being stupid /an idiot. 1.a request to engage in fisticuffs acknowledge a physical challenge (fight) synonym - knuckle up; usually yelled in the club to someone that is acting like they want to fight. You would call a member of the opposite sex a 'Boot' if they were un-attractive. boot. to bootunknown. (phrase originated in night clubs in New Orleans in the early 90's)

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