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toronto earthquake 2010

Avoid stopping near or under buildings, trees, overpasses and utility wires. Some studies suggest, however, that larger earthquakes of magnitude around 7 may have occurred 4550 and 7060 years This earthquake occurred as Canadian environment minister Immediately after the quake, cell phone service in Ottawa was down, possibly overloaded by callers. You can unsubscribe anytime or Posted The Skydome in Trinity Bellwoods Park has finally been recognized

on June 23, 2010 Although a 5.0 magnitude quake is considered to be moderate, the earthquake's depth (estimates of which vary between 16.4 kilometres (10.2 mi) and 19.0 kilometres (11.8 mi))Earthquakes of magnitude 4.5 or greater are fairly infrequent in the area, occurring at a rate of a few per decade. Once in the open, stay there until the shaking stops.If in a moving vehicle, stop as quickly as safety permits and stay in the vehicle. Aftershock of 7.8 earthquake 2012-10-28 Haida Gwaii 52.67 -132.60 0 0 6.3 V Aftershock of 7.8 earthquake 2012-10-27: Haida Gwaii 52.77 -131.93 7.8 VIII Non-destructive tsunami 2011-09-09 Vancouver Island: 49.49 -126.97 6.4 M w: 20–30 second strike-slip intraplate shock 2010-06-23: Central Canada 45.9 -75.5 5.0 M w: VI 2009-11-17 A Canada earthquake shook Toronto and Ottawa at approximately 1:45 p.m. Eastern Time today, June 23, 2010. The history of the first bike lanes in Toronto Dollarama in Toronto struggling to get customers to wear face masks

Toronto experienced a rare but minor earthquake this afternoon. We will continue to monitor the situation and will report as necessary.Residents should follow the instructions of their building management.The City has received no calls concerning bridge, building or other infrastructure problems.While not applicable to this event, in future, should there be a major or more serious earthquake:Residents should stay away from glass, windows, outside doors and walls. 5.5 Magnitude earthquake hit Quebec-Ontario border 13:41 UTC on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 Here are the Stage 3 rules for parks and beaches in Toronto for the long weekend Posted Where Were You During the Toronto Earthquake 2010? Further investigations are taking place to confirm. Sign up for our free email newsletter. Numerous reports flooded Twitter, including from the National Post in Toronto, which tweeted about heavy shaking to its building about 30 seconds after similar reports from Ottawa. These are the new gathering limits in Toronto for Stage 3 DROP to the ground; take COVER by getting under a sturdy table or other piece of furniture; and HOLD ON until the shaking stops.If outdoors - stay there.

Some web forum users Here's an indication of where the epicentre was and how far away it was felt:Within a few minutes of the earthquake, this photo, taken at a drug store in Ottawa, arrived in my inbox (courtesy of Katherine Bruce of Ottawa, ON).And the City of Toronto issued the following press release:City of Toronto Media Relations has issued the following:In our initial assessment, there has been no major damage to City infrastructure.

Crowded streets and parks in Toronto have people worried about a second wave The Toronto Transit Commission and Transportation Services have reported that there has been no damage to their infrastructure or interruptions to service.The City's Emergency Operations Centre is up and running in preparation for the G20 so the City is uniquely prepared to respond to the event. 680news is reporting that it was felt in Ottawa as well. Move away from buildings, streetlights, and utility wires. on June 23, 2010 Unsubscribe anytime or Sign up for our free email newsletter so you’re always in the know. Toronto experienced a rare but minor earthquake this afternoon. Gefällt 116 Mal. DriveTest centres in Ontario to resume G2 and motorcycle tests Toronto neighbourhood bands together to protect against random attacker

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