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toyota d4 engine problems solutions

Poorly performing injectors have been known to knock loudly, present a poor idle and poor fuel economy.

1,858 For the v1 Yaris, as long as you get a 53 or better plate, you have nothing to worry about.

So while changing the water pump is a fairly straightforward, and relatively in-expensive proposition (parts are about $220 for a quality replacement) it’s the flow-on effect of all the bits you might as well fix while you are there that will add up. Both ran perfectly, mine was doing about 62 mpg and the wife’s 58ish (I put that down to the 5 speed box). It is designed to improve performance by optimising timing and angle of engine inlet valve lift using a computer aided electro- hydraulic system. I'll be looking to keep the car for over 5 years more than likely, and I need something that's going to be really reliable as i do around 14k a year.I'm pretty new to Yaris's, so I was wondering if anyone can help and give me any advice on whether the 1.4 D4D in general (will be looking at either a 58 or 08/57 model with about 20k on the clock) is reliable, and if there's anything to watch out for on yaris's in general?I'll be buying from a main dealer for the warranty and other benefits.All i know is the head gasket on older models was prone to failing. I’ve done the research for you because, I’ve got 99 problems but a(nother) blown D4D ain’t one”Fit a catch can, or as they should be known, an oil separator as soon as possible. If there is anything other than oil on it, you will need to drop the sump and clean the pick-up mesh.

I do believe both were pre dpf, so no faffing about with that. I’ve done the research for you because, I’ve got 99 problems but a(nother) blown D4D ain’t one”Fit a catch can, or as they should be known, an oil separator as soon as possible. Alternatively, you could choose this as the opportune time to upgrade the turbo if you are looking for more performance, however this will certainly cost more than the replacement stepper motor.Sorry, the only way out of this is to fit an upgraded clutch and have the flywheel machined. It would be useful to know whether the cause of your first breakdown had something to do with the fuel pump. Also, this 3.0-liter diesel was offered for installation in the Toyota Mk.7 Hilux, Toyota Mk.5 HiAce, and Toyota Hilux Surf (Toyota 4Runner). Simply tell us what month and what vehicle you’d be interested in quoting, and we’ll get in touch at the relevant time.Offline: This content can only be displayed when online.Save the insurance conversation for when your insurance is due. I’ve done the research for you because, I’ve got 99 problems but a(nother) blown D4D ain’t one *The old D4D HiLux certainly isn’t unbreakable – here’s what can go wrong and how to fix itIt doesn’t end there; the injectors themselves, as they are under enormous pressure from the common-rail injection system, are prone to failure. When the sump drain plug is removed, shine a torch up through the hole to visually inspect the pick-up mesh. The previous iteration of 2GR, 2GR-FSE, is a 4-time Ward’s 10 Best Engines winner. Mine runs great.

Check if the fuel contains impurities and specially water. However if the injectors are still in spec, it is advised to change the seats with new diamond-like coating seats which were introduced from 2007 every 40,000km. Unfortunately, some Toyota owners fail this strict maintenance regime and blame the engine.
Finally we had a HiLux with decent amount of performance thanks to the (for the time) high-tech 3.0-litre turbo-diesel motor, and independent suspension featuring a coilover strut in the front end that rode well for a work ute. During the combustion process, air is compressed and at a very precise moment fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber. 1235616 (Club 4x4) acts as Hollard’s Authorised Representative. Also check compression of engine if there is imbalance on the engine or reduced power. The Corolla and Yaris are near-bullet proof cars.

From what i hear, they clog up the intake system. Odd faults due to age:  glowplugs,rear spring broke,heater reistor failed, winding mechanism in drivers door window..

I’m not stoked on the idea of doing a chemical carbon clean on the vehicle personally. you will get answer and what to look for.

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