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triangle symbolism meaning

It is believed that the pyramid had a spiritual purpose to direct energy towards the sun after death, joining Ra, the deity of the Sun, known as the King of the Gods and creator of the world. The triangular Ku Klux Klan symbol consists of what looks like a triangle within a triangle but which actually represents three letter K's aligned in a triangle and facing inwards. The symbol for Air as one of the four classical elements in alchemy is a triangle with a line through it. Some triangles that you can incorporate into your house include: Triangles in the area where you want to increase your finances, such as your financial corner, may bring in manifesting energy around that area. Alchemy symbols sometimes contain hints as to the properties the element was thought to have, as well as the history of the element. Spiritually, the triangle can be interpreted as the “flow” state that we get into when we are tapped into our true spiritual essence and passion. A triangle is a two dimensional shape with three angles. Is there a deeper symbolic meaning to the triangle, and what does it represent spiritually? A triangle is a powerful symbol that can be seen all around us a primary shape that forms our reality. The symbolism behind a triangle must be significant to appear so often in artistic expression. Take a look at the many different meanings of a triangle, and decide for yourself which meaning best resonates with you and where you are at on your own journey. The equalateral, having three identical angles, represents the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

A triangle represents the fourth letter of the Greek Alphabet called Delta.

In alchemy, the triangle represents the three realms of our existence that we encounter in our human experience. The triangle has many meanings dating back to ancient civilizations. This is an old Ku Klux Klan symbol that has been resurrected by modern-day Ku Klux Klan groups. If triangles appear in your life frequently, such as seeing triangles everywhere, this is a sign that you are being called to live your highest purpose. Triangles have appeared in well known art, architecture, language, institutions and religious texts or symbology. When I look at my music album covers, book covers, or artistic decor, I am always curious why the symbol of a triangle shows up so often. This also goes along with Christianity's extensive symbolism of three.

The “third eye” which sits between your eyebrows is called the If you are seeing a triangle everywhere, or get spiritually activated when seeing a triangle, this may be that your third eye psychic center is being stimulated. Three is a powerful number in numerology, too; one means force, two an opening, and three the wisdom created by interlocking the two ideas. In literature, most duos of people/characters is traveling towards three. Their size, weight, and unique characteristics set...Crystal Clear Intuition is a blog and online resource to help you develop your intuition and align to your highest purpose. For example, the fire alchemy symbol looks like an upward-point triangle, while the alchemy earth symbol appears as a downward-pointing triangle bisected by a horizontal line. This is a great time to tap into your intuitive energies and pay attention to synchronicities happening around you.

Dreaming of a pyramid, such as the pyramids of Egypt, represents mystery and the unknown. It is the strongest unit. When a circle is added to the center of the equalateral triangle it is considered to represent the eternity with in the Trinity.

In a flow state, the mind, body, and spirit converge into one, and we are able to accomplish great tasks.

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