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Our Lunch with Leadership series has gone virtual! Spotlights.

Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars work closely with faculty to lead cutting-edge research spanning from climate change science to understanding our universe and pioneering advances in health. May 11, 2020 Face masks are good at preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, but some people cannot tolerate or are unable to wear face coverings, says UCI Health infectious disease expert Dr. Shruti Gohil.They'll never know these delicious meals are low on carbs and calories, thanks to vegetables that make a very satisfying alternative for noodles and pizza dough.It's a fact: Face masks are an essential tool to block transmission of the virus, says UCI Health is on a mission to expand its primary care services, with a dozen new doctors joining this summer. A New England Journal of Medicine editorial by UCI Health physicians highlights the need for clinicians to fully present opportunities and ethical...

As Orange County experiences a significant rise in COVID-19 infections, UCI Health infectious diseases experts urge the public to use extra caution... "We plan to attract the best and the brightest with one overriding goal: that UCI will be not only home to outstanding specialty care, but also known for its outstanding primary care physicians. UCI Health is initiating a clinical study of a drug to treat critically ill COVID-19 patients who face a high mortality rate because of acute...

May 13, 2020 UCI Health is on a mission to expand its primary care services, with a dozen new doctors joining this summer.

The Office of Student Affairs is responsible for all student support services at UC Irvine School of Medicine. UCI Health leader resigns executive roles, will retain faculty position. "Don't delay pediatric care for your child, especially essential vaccinations, because of fear of COVID-19. June 01, 2020 UCI Student Health Center is committed to exploring and implementing more effective and innovative ways to enhance the delivery of health care services to our students.

July 21, 2020 July 02, 2020 SHC is pleased to offer a variety of convenient online services that are designed to increase and improve access to care for students. UCI Public Affairs' very own, Sherry Main, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs, will be featured on UCI Staff Assembly's Lunch with Leadership!

As a top public research university, we provide students with ample opportunities to participate in undergraduate research; 40% of our undergraduate students participate in STEM research.40% of our undergraduate students take part in undergraduate research.UCI School of Physical Sciences is home to world-renowned faculty dedicated to training the next generation of scientists. Recent Posts.

IN THE NEWS: Dr. Nasim Afsar, chief operating officer for ambulatory care for UCI Health, is recognized as one of Orange County's leading women in...

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