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uk national debt

That is NOT how sustained inflation works. It’s not a precise science: there will be swings and roundabouts.But the point is that this new debt is vital: it has to happen or the economy is harmed. How much of UK national debt is due to the bank bailout? Anything between £30 billion and something in excess of £50 billion would seem to be the answer. If you injected an extra £1.78 trillion into the money supply (almost double the amount injected in QE1, QE2 and QE3 combined) inflation would increase rapidly, this would lead to the velocity of money increasing, as it loses its value at an alarming rate, this would increase demand pull inflation.

But it is a very important savings mechanism. The country is simply no longer a power house of ideas and capital it once was. So, government debt is what pension annuities are very largely invested in. This, for many people is the way capitalism should work, there are the owners of the capital and the workers. The nonsense here is evident by the comment “we generally agree two to three per cent is good”. [See These graphs show that government debt as a % of GDP has been much higher in the past. Debt expansion is necessary, monetary expansion is necessary, but not in anything approaching the volume that you are talking about.Just PLEASE do a MOOC or something on monetary economics.Also before you tell me that they are not printing money, it is digital. Everyone can have whatever they want (subject to the planets resources), the questions will be about the SHARE OUT of the total world resources. Those businesses have no such guarantee. Interestingly, it also became exponential as the railroad built the next bit of railroad… the Smart Robot will do exactly the same.BUT – Who then owns these Robots? Anything wrong with that analysis?“The best fix for the ever-expanding debt problem” is to follow the Macawber principle (currency updated)Surely when we have near full employment as we have now the Government should be producing a surplus (as in the late 1990s) and reducing national debt. Printed money is just the term used for monetary injection.Tell Argentina that government debt isn’t a bad thing. It’s the best deal for a growing economy that there is. No one wants their pension to expire before they do. We can probably jog-on with a higher debt burden but the pound is not a reserve currency, we can’t do it forever and a day. It’s convertible into cash, as QE proves. Japan, for example, has a National debt of 225%, Italy is over 120%. please let me explain before you dismiss this as nonsense….The whole concept of jobs/efficiency/debt is going to change EXPONENTIALLY. How much more? The workers who make the products and services will, within a time-scale of 20 to 50 years be replaced by ‘Smart Robots’…. Having lived in 1966 there was no massive economc requirement to reduce public spending at that time ie everything was fine.

The more debt there is the more the taxpayer is subsidised.Fifth, interest paid on government debt is a good thing. If the bank fails on them, as Lehman did in 2008, then they might well go down with it. So, when we replace the ‘worker’… what happens to the standard economic theories? There will be plenty of wealth – but people will not be creating it. You CANNOT just print money without serious consequences. So, if the capital does not matter what happens to debt? UK national debt. However, being outside the Euro with an independent Central Bank (willing to act as lender of last resort to the government) means markets don’t fear a liquidity crisis in the UK;  Euro members who don’t have a Central Bank willing to buy bonds during a liquidity crisis have been more at risk to rising bond yields and fears over government debt.The cost of National debt is the interest the government has to pay on the bonds and gilts it sells. *We see this trend already… take UBA where their efficiency is massive…add in the driverless vehicle (there are already taxis without ANY driver in Arizona) and you have 98% efficiency.Few people understand the capability of this new technology, and fewer see the transformation coming – think of the railroad and how it changed the world’s economies.

I am struggling to find a straightforward answerBank bailout was £500bn and has largely been repaid, although the public purse has taken a loss of £27Bn which is small beer when you look at the numbers.

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