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Food and non-store (online) retailing, on the other hand, reported the highest proportions of increased turnover (Figure 3).According to the BICS fortnightly results, those businesses in common with the Retail Sales Inquiry for textile, clothing and footwear stores all reported a decrease in turnover, with no proportion of increased sales.The Retail Sales Inquiry estimates, which are based on a much larger sample survey, similarly reported that textile, clothing and footwear stores had the largest fall in the volume of sales at negative 50.2% for April 2020 (Figure 4).The sharp decline in April 2020 has resulted in the lowest levels seen in the volume of textile, clothing and footwear sales since the beginning of the series, when March 1988 was at a similar level.Other non-food stores also showed a large fall in April 2020 at negative 46.0% when compared with March 2020. To ensure comparability during this cycle, the national accounts will continue to be produced according to /businessindustryandtrade/retailindustry/bulletins/retailsales/june2020Seasonally adjusted, percentage change, Great BritainValue sales, seasonally adjusted, percentage change It is used in the compilation of the national accounts and widely used by private and public sector institutions, particularly by the Bank of England and HM Treasury to assist in informed decision- and policy-making.The most recent international estimate of retail sales available for April 2020 was published by the US Census Bureau on 15 May 2020. With the temporary closure of their stores the shift to online has resulted in record proportions of online spending for all stores. The retail sector is the UK’s largest private sector employer with 2.9 million employees.

Many retailers for specialist food informed us of store closures during the pandemic.In April, 13.6% of alcohol and tobacco stores reported having zero turnover, however, the volume of sales for these stores increased by 2.3%; a further rise from the strong growth of 23.9% in March.The only other sector to show an increase in volume sales on the month was non-store retailing, reaching record levels at 18.0% growth in April 2020.

Impact of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. During the transition period, those UK statistics that align with EU practice and rules will continue to do so in the same way as before 31 January 2020.After the transition period, we will continue to produce our national accounts statistics in line with the UK Statistics Authority's The Withdrawal Agreement outlines a need for UK gross national income (a fundamental component of the national accounts, which includes gross domestic product (GDP)) statistics to remain in line with those of other EU countries until the EU budgets are finalised for the years in which we were a member.

Retail Trade in the UK 2019 Statista Industry Report - SIC Code 47 In 2019, the estimated turnover of the industry was £426.9 billion. The volume of retail sales in April 2020 fell by a record 18.1%, following the strong monthly fall of 5.2% in March 2020.All sectors saw a monthly decline in volume sales except for a record increase in sales for non-store retailing at 18.0% and a continued increase in sales for alcohol stores at 2.3%.The volume of clothing sales in April 2020 plummeted by 50.2% when compared with March 2020, which had already fallen by 34.9% on the previous month.The proportion spent online soared to the highest on record in April 2020 at 30.7%, which compares with the 19.1% reported in April 2019.All store types, except non-store, reached record proportions of online spending in April 2020 as some stores shifted to online only trading.The three-month on three-month growth rate in the volume of retail sales decreased by 8.6%, with declines across all sectors except food and non-store retailing.The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released a Source: Office for National Statistics - Monthly Business Survey - Retail Sales InquiryIn April 2020, all measures had record declines (from 1988 when records began) for both value and volume retail as many stores paused trading from 23 March following official government Figure 1 shows that in April 2020 the volume of retail sales experienced the biggest monthly fall on record as government The government restrictions, imposed from 23 March 2020, impacted many store types as some reported zero turnover because of the temporary closure of stores during this reporting period (Table 2).Source: Office for National Statistics – Monthly Business Survey – Retail Sales EnquiryThe record fall of 18.1% in April 2020 followed the fall of 5.2% in March 2020.

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