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Another big change from the previous version is the reduced weight of the shoe. Wish they had more options for something to exchange for but other shoes are much more and worried same problem will existThe shoes are excellent and I think they perform really well and that they are very stable. A simple fix would seem to be to change the direction of the seam of the spike to run across the width of the shoe. Also, the middle to back half of the shoe is a different material and the toe can be easily wiped of mud or anything else.
Built with direct insights from 3-time major champion, Jordan FOOT: We start with the true foot, which means we measure from heel to toe. BUT the rotational spike seems to break way too often for UA to not provide us with at least two spare ones. That measurement (in centimeters) is then translated into our standard sizes.
In my opinion, Under Armour makes some of the best golf gear on the market. MY. Using a softer leather, it keeps the shoes lightweight but the TPU fibers keep the water out of the shoe.

Love these shoes and are very comfortable. tried them at the range broke first spike... replaced spike and tried playing a round and broke again half way through the first round ever wearing them. They’re great for golfers with a lot of lower body movement, are very comfortable, and stay dry even when you’re playing in the winter. I could have gotten away with an 11.

Due to limited quantities, only 1,000 allowed per customer. If you compare the UA 2 with the previous model, the biggest difference is the back half of the shoe. This model weighs 14.4 oz, making them significantly lighter than the Spieth One model. The fit, right outta the box, was spectacular. The UA Spieth 2 made a big update from the Spieth One in a lot of different ways. When they got started in the early 2000s, they had a chip on their shoulder as big competitors like Nike brushed them off. 1st pair of UA Golf shoes I've purchased (I've always worn Adidas) and have to say I'm completely pleased! I know it's only a one round review but that's usually when I feel any doubts about a shoe and these felt great.Pinta quasi stretta ma avvolgente ottima presa a terraUnfortunately only been able to played 2 rounds of golf with Spieth 2 shoes due to one of the spikes on my left foot is broke. I fit in between sizes so wasn't sure whether to order an 11 or an 11.5 but one review I read said they fit tight so I ordered the 11.5.

United States ... Men's UA Spieth 3 Golf Shoes. The biggest difference is the overall shape and 100% water resistant. Created and worn by three-time major Champion Jordan Spieth, these are some of the best shoes available. My local club pro got me 2 replacement spikes and these also snapped within the first round of golf I played with them. Plus, they have an all black model which is great when it’s wet and muddy on the links. Prior to using anything Under Armour, I was a loyal Nike fan (blame Tiger for getting me hooked). Shop Under Armour for Men's UA Spieth 3 Golf Shoes in our MEN'S GOLF SHOES department. Shop Under Armour for Men's UA Spieth 4 GORE-TEX® Golf Shoes in our All Products department. Alternatively, in my opinion, the Spieth 2 looks better close up and maybe a little plainer from further away. It is a shame as they are quite comfortable and are very nice looking shoes that i actually kept getting complements on.

However, I walked a relatively hilly course and they felt great by the end of the round. These are PERFECT! If you’ve got happy feet, these are great shoes to help keep you stable throughout your swing.

Under Armour has launched its new Spieth 2 golf shoe, following up the two-time major winner’s first signature product from last year. On both pairs of shoes the 2 spikes on the front part of my lead foot snapped in half within the first 9 holes.

If you compare the two, you will notice the Spieth 2 looks a lot better close up than the Spieth One golf shoe.

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