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undercroft definition in architecture

Related words - Undercroft synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms and hyponyms. The first floor is only accessible by an external staircase, and contains a hall and a small bedchamber, while the ground-floor But alas, now split between the glassed-off fortress of the Eurostar showroom and the far-off extension for the spurned Midland platforms, the But alas, now split between the glassed-off fortress of the Eurostar showroom and the far-off extension for the spurned Midland platforms, the A young man of about Cuhelyn's years, and by no means unlike him in build and colouring, though thinner in feature and somewhat longer in the reach, had been standing a little apart, watching the bustle all round him, his arms folded and his shoulders leaned against the wall of the A woman with her jutting belly printing the line from her breasts down along her navel to the Wordnik is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, EIN #47-2198092. n an underground chamber, such as a church crypt, often with a vaulted ceiling Undercroft definition: an underground chamber , such as a church crypt , often with a vaulted ceiling | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Cardinal Morton desired to be buried near the image of Our Lady of the Undercroft, and his tomb is close by. The rare undercroft is a spectacle only seen to the luckiest of man. V vault: an arched roof usually of stone. Carport Jump to: navigation, search This article relies largely or entirely upon a single source. While some were used as simple storerooms, others were rented out as shops. But alas, now split between the glassed-off fortress of the Eurostar showroom and the far-off extension for the spurned Midland platforms, the undercroft filled with a standard-issue transport shopping mall, and enhanced with a Betjeman-themed pub, St Pancras has been multiplexed.

EXPLORE . beneath a churchOrigin of undercroftMiddle English from under- (see under-) + croft, a vault from Medieval … This wonder is only reported to be viewed 27 times in recorded human history. Nothing can exceed the ugliness of the new domed tower of the church of Belem, or of the upper story imposed on the long undercroft. This battle outside York saw the triumph of Harold Hardrada of Norway over Edwin and Morcar, Earls of Mercia and Northumbria respectivelyHardrada's victory forced King Harold of England to march hurriedly north to give battle at Stamford BridgeHarald was aided by King Harold's rebellious brother, TostigDavid Livingstone starts missionery work in BechuanalandLivingstone woul;d be the subject of journalist Charles Stanley's famous search a few years laterThis queen was the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of AragonShe was followed to the throne by her sister Elizabeth undercroft definition: an underground room or vault, esp. n an underground chamber, ... (Architecture) an underground chamber, such … Part of the Britain Express Historic churches guide, an A-Z gazetteer, including history, how to get there, and what to see. yndercroft, hndercroft, jndercroft, indercroft, ubdercroft, uhdercroft, ujdercroft, umdercroft, unsercroft, uneercroft, unfercroft, uncercroft, unxercroft, unsercroft, undwrcroft, undsrcroft, unddrcroft, undrrcroft, undeecroft, undedcroft, undefcroft, undetcroft, underxroft, underdroft, underfroft, undervroft, underceoft, undercdoft, undercfoft, underctoft, undercrift, undercrkft, undercrlft, undercrpft, undercrodt, undercrort, undercrogt, undercrovt, undercroct, undercrofr, undercroff, undercrofg, undercrofy Define undercroft. Definition of the noun Undercroft. » Architecture » Crypt : Crypt Concealed or covered passage, generally underground, though lighted and ventilated from the open air.

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