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But doubt and mistrust is definitely going to linger and expand.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As shown, John looks at Seraphinas bleeding head and She respond with she's surprised to see john at the infirmary. John knows that. She sees John physically broken every single day. No doubt. But by doing this is good in a way, but this principle can also become dangerous. When Sera goes to the infirmary, John was already there, and he was healing from the previous attack by Zeke. Life of a cripple was dangerous, and he knew it. He lays down on the bed and sighs. Later on, Sera said,” It’s not like she did on purpose.” After hearing John’s reply, she becomes shocked. Even if John manages to wiggle himself out of her interrogation at this point, I feel that she's inevitably going to get real suspicious of him real fast going forwards. Then he yells, "But you haven't recovered yet! He explains to her that he never wanted to be beaten up and get bullied. I suspect that she is a mid-tier and she is the 9th position in the Top 10 list of Wellston. Then asked, John to tell her what happen between him and Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fulfilling his destiny won’t be easy though, because there are battles, frenemies and deadly conspiracies around every corner. John and the Ace are sitting on sera this isn't so bad and It's not much different from hanging out on the roof.
Through theories with evidence (what an irony), one feels as if they have accomplished a great deed. Arlo failed him, he would not only go after him but also after the green bun girl and maybe look out for clues regarding Sera. As Isen said in Episode 85,” this guy (John) would rather have his bones broken everyday than reveal his ability.” He wants to protect Sera and save her from others, but to do this, he would search to find another way. Hearing John’s reply, it upsets Sera.

It is necessary to see good in people but in the world, it’s not always possible and because of this, Sera clouds the obvious clues that would eventually lead to her downfall.

(Technically almost all the lines are important but back to the theory). This could be a part of his ability. She changes the subject to his behaviour change. I complied two of the pictures and put them side by side for easier understanding. Afterward, in the Infirmary, John was seen drinking a tonic for his broken arm. She was lying.

Why would she have to be restrained, while according to her, they both are in the same situation.

The green-haired bun girl goes to Sera and apologizes to her. She said she has been with him enough times to witness it first-hand. - Seraphina to John. From this we learn that John is very observant. The green-haired bun girl goes to Sera and apologizes to her.

John realizes that since there were other students when this occurred, soon, Sera would become a target by students who hate her, and she would be bullied. Nobody would dare throw anything in her direction, Unless they had some kind of death wish. In this episode, it mainly focuses on John and Sera. They were also close friends.

There is no way he would be able to avoid her.This chapter really made me question how naive Seraphina is. John get more and more tense as she goes on about how "who cares" and "it will be fine once she recover". In this episode, it mainly focuses on John and Sera. John was usually a sarcastic, ‘I do what I want ‘, type of guy and values his friendship. She didn’t expect John to say that. Read unOrdinary - Chapter 87 Ep.84 - A brief description of the unOrdinary manga: In a world where most people have had innate abilities since childhood, in a world where your social status depends only on the level of your strength, everyone knows their place in the … aiming the attacker" ... Like the message of the book, ‘unORDINARY’, she believes to find good in every person. But he has no choice, it was a sacrifice to his peace for long-term freedom. But when he flips to the other side, he is concerned for her. This picture signifies the rift between them. John said "You must've given away yourself with your careless attitude. He becomes more observant to his surroundings. These pictures represent the switch in positions. She replies casually that she had never seen her before. Sera began seeing the life of a cripple through cripple’s eyes. Sera justifies that if John could do as he pleases. They want her praise and want to feel appreciated.

She was able to withstand it and she went away, obeying her.After Sera walks away, we can see that she slowly smiles.
This is the 87th episode of unORDINARY. John is always able to evaluate his situation and use it, in this case, helping Sera to understand how much danger he is in. He thought, "There were others around too!? Finally, his wall was shattered by Arlo, which let his true colors out.

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