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Curve-adjustment is rare. 5th and 6th Semester – 80% of the aggregate marks, The In high schools, the year is divided into three trimesters and classes are usually yearlong. In the first three years, students have to do exams every term. The cantonal office of educations usually follow the following pattern:A final mark can be any of the discrete number between 1 and 6, or anything between two of them usually rounded up or down to the next half or quarter value (.25, .5, .75), or to one or two digits behind the decimal point. Some American graduate schools use nine- or ten-point grading scales, formerly including the Rackham School of Graduate Studies at the In a handful of states, GPA scales can go above 4.0. Most high school programs in Thailand use the following 8 point grading system Example: Sample grades: (Maths 13.33/20, English 13.4/20, Biology 8.25/20)
The notations In Portuguese primary and middle schools, up until the 9th grade inclusive, the grading system is as follows:

For instance math (6hours/week) x 20 (the base grade) = 120 (weight) In the event of a student scoring less than 6.00 in the third trimester, he or she would have to take a final exam, regardless of average. The scores corresponding to each grade vary greatly from institution to institution and from course to course, but usually, a score of 50% or 51% is required to obtain the lowest passing grade (3.0).

The generally used grades are 2 to 5. Moldova uses a 10-point scale system, 5 being the minimum grade for passing:

The passing grade is 11 in most schools and universities. Nowadays most universities of Engineering and Technology follow following grading system Schools have grades from 1–100 starting from the 4th grade on. This system of grading based on 20 is also common in universities, but sometimes percent scoring is also used in higher education systems.Most of the primary, middle and high schools in Iraq grade out of 100 percent with a passing grade of 50 percent, So the grade-point average is out of 100. Grading scales for secondary certificates are standard. 100–91% considered Excellent, 75–90% considered Very good, 55–64% considered good, 45–55% considered fair, 41–44% considered Pass, 0–40% considered fail. Grade Point Average (GPA) = Sum of (grade points × course unit values) / total number of credit points attempted, in which grade points are as follows: Examinations are given nationally each year. There are also many other systems in place. Most undergraduate schools require a 2.0, or C average to obtain a degree with a minimum of D or D− to pass a course. A The absence of any kind of performance is indicated by "nv" (The lowest grade for passing a subject in the secondary education institutions is 4, while in the higher education institutions 5 is the lowest passing grade. and its Licensors Venezuela - Venezuela - Education: Basic education is free and compulsory between the ages of 6 and 15.

Below is the grading system of Nigerian universities:

Most boards in India give the raw marks obtained by the students, though some may only give the grade attained by the student. The percent equivalent of each grade and the passing mark can vary.

Grading varies greatly from school to school, university to university, and even teacher to teacher, even for courses that lend themselves to objective markings, such as mathematics and applied sciences. 12 is the equivalent of an honors/AP course "A+" in the U.S. and is usually given only for outstanding achievement or exceptionally creative work. This is an example of a grading system practiced in a university in Malaysia. Some other Australian universities have a marking system similar to the Honours system used by British universities:
Copyright © 2020 Web Solutions LLC. Whether a school uses E or F to indicate a failing grade typically depends on time and geography. These grades are described as follows:Since the autumn of 2012, grades in Sweden have been given to students in the 6th grade and above.

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