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As the highest award for valour of the United Kingdom, the Victoria Cross is always the first award to be presented at an investiture, even before There is a widespread though erroneous belief that it is statutory for "all ranks to salute a bearer of the Victoria Cross". The officers select one officer, the NCOs select one individual, and the private soldiers or seamen select two individuals.Between 1858 and 1881, the Victoria Cross could be awarded for actions taken "under circumstances of extreme danger" not in the face of the enemy.The Victoria Cross was extended to colonial troops in 1867. Although it is a separate award, its appearance is identical to its British counterpart.Five of the separate VCs have so far been awarded: This site details the location and the Victoria Cross recipients behind the paving stones. "Ashcroft, Michael, Introduction: A brief History of the VC (p. 14–18).Table 3 "UK Sales 1881–2000", Pillinger and Staunton.In Pakistan, too, speculation and controversy has long been afoot regarding the genuineness of the VC awarded to In May 2014, the AWM website listed 69 medals, including 3 VCs for Australia – see "Obituary: Canon W. M. Lummis", The Times, 19 November 1985; p. 18; Issue 62299; col G. London Victoria to Waltham Cross timetable. It is ordained that in the event of a gallant and daring act having been performed by a squadron, ship's company, or detached body of seamen and marines not under fifty in number, or by a brigade, regiment, troop or company in which the admiral, general, or other officer commanding such forces may deem that all are equally brave and distinguished, and that no special selection can be made by them, then is such case the admiral, general, or other officer commanding, may direct that for any such body of seamen or marines, or for every troop or company of soldiers, one officer shall be selected by the officers engaged for the Decoration, and in like manner one petty officer or non-commissioned officer shall be selected by the petty officers and non-commissioned officers engaged, and two seamen or private soldiers or marines shall be selected by the seamen, or private soldiers, or marines engaged, respectively for the Decoration, and the names of those selected shall be transmitted by the senior officers in command of the Naval force, brigade, regiment, troop, or company, to the admiral or general officer commanding, who shall in due manner confer the Decoration as if the acts were done under his own eye. New content will be added above the current area of focus upon selection Between the The process and motivations of selecting the medal's recipients has sometimes been interpreted as inconsistent or overly political. For the full … In order to make such additional provision as shall effectually preserve pure this most honourable distinction, it is ordained that, if any person be convicted of treason, cowardice, felony, or of any infamous crime, or if he be accused of any such offence, and doth not after a reasonable time surrender himself to be tried for the same, his name shall forthwith be erased from the registry of individuals upon whom the said Decoration shall have been conferred, and by an especial Warrant under Our Royal Sign Manual, and the pension conferred under Rule 14 shall cease and determine from the date of such Warrant. The first citations of the VC, particularly those in the initial gazette of 24 February 1857, varied in the details of each action; some specify date ranges while some specify a single date.

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