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vietnamese zodiac 2020

Eastern people use the Moon calendar to know and believe that whoever is born in the year of an animal will have most of its good and bad characteristics. Learn all about the Vietnamese Zodiac.

This will then give the trend of the year in question, and also influence the individuals who are born under this element. Just one weakness: the monkey is unstable and talkative.+: The monkey gets along well with the rat and the dragon.-: Do not get along with the pig, snake and especially the tiger.Always busy and hardworking, the rooster enjoys working. Despite being hot-tempered, they can adapt well to any circumstances.+: The tiger gets along well with the horse and the dog.-: Do not get along with the pig, the snake and the monkey.People of the cat year achieve a lot of success in the work while remaining very modest and patient. Chinese New Year 2020 Animal – Beautiful World – 7828 The Vietnamese Zodiac, Or Why The Cat Is Better Than The Rabbit – 7824 In the occasion that you had been captured having a calendar, you’d be beheaded by lunchwell, perhaps they’d have been a … Today’s Doodle commemorates one of the most significant national holidays in Vietnam,According to ancient legend, an emperor challenged different animals to race through the land to determine their order in the Zodiac. I was born in 1994, which zodiac animal am I? This kind of animal has a great self-confidence on the appearance.+: The rat gets along with the monkey and the dragon.-: Do not get along with the horse, the rooster and the cat.This “age” represents diligence and patience. Sometimes pessimistic, yet very kind and amicable. Btw what did you guys call this 2020 year?Thank you for your lovely comment. Vietnamese witness many dog zodiacs having troubles in relationship and marriage so they believe that dog zodiac groom should meet and bring the bride home twice to avoid marriage breaking in the future. Easy to adapt with others.+: The goat gets along well with the cat and the pig.-: Do not get along with the dragon, the dog and the buffalo.Intelligent, initiative with a good memory, the monkey is competent but not very meticulous in his work. Learn all about the Vietnamese Zodiac. Since the lunar year usually begins about one month later than the solar year, those who are born in January and early February of the solar year often bear the sign of the animal of the preceding lunar year. Legend has it. They are also sympathetic, determined yet intolerant.+: The snake gets along well with the buffalo and the rooster.-: Do not get along with the tiger, the monkey and the pig.As the name tells, the horse tends to move a lot. Lunar New Year 2020 (Vietnam) In Vietnam, each lunar year is represented by one of twelve animals in the rotation of the Vietnamese zodiac calendar—and 2020 is the Year of the Rat! Select from one of the signs below: Legend has it. Vietnamese Zodiac Signs. The horse is also very active, kind and talented in various fields.+: The horse gets along well with the tiger and the dog.-: Do not get along with the rat, the cat and the rooster.People of the goat year are very sensitive, shy and hesitant. By applying the birth elements in Feng Shui, the circulation of energy will be optimized by the layout of the environment, which improves the quality of life.The sign of the zodiac has an important role in the popular life of the Vietnamese to consult many life events such as marriage, building of houses, opening a shop and so on.Locals purchasing fruits at Lung Phin market, Ha GiangBesides, in Vietnam, marriages were usually arranged taking into account the astrological signs of couples and it is a fact that these marriages could easily last a lifetime.Depending on your year of birth, discover your sign!Needless to say, the rat is very sociable and dynamic.

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