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You put it in one of the one of the most important battleground States in the country. There are too many obstacles in the way to get to the poll so if you could let me know in the chat, why do you think people don't vote, go ahead and drop your?

So if we can have everyone active in the chat, I would really appreciate it. Just because you don't live there (or better yet, if you do), you can have a huge impact on helping these voters make their decision and getting them to the polls on Election Day., formerly Long Distance Voter, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in January 2008 in the United States by a group of professional investigators and voter advocates that initially sought to provide greater access to absentee voting information online. Can express their voice with their vote? Perfect and once again, I'm Super excited to be able to introduce I think he is here right now. Save America.

So you know what we when we think about you know what we're fighting for what we're organizing for. Florida has been within six points every election since 1992. The grandparents in Florida, a memory of 2000 me-I understand a lot of us can really see Florida as a maker break state awesome. It's always difficult in Georgia so many things that. Be fixed there. so let's get to work. so vote by mail makes voting more accessible for older folks people with disabilities. I wasn't prepared so yay. Register, make sure you're still registered, and learn what you need to vote on November 3rd.Do a quick and easy check.

and now how do most of you vote? So as more people are joining, we'll do some tech housekeeping so welcome to everyone. it's just kinda takes over your life and we all do it because we believe in it and we're so grateful for our volunteers.

I have a kind of loyalty.

thanks for joining us tonight. None of this would be possible so really appreciate everything they've done and that is going to happen so love it and I know that all of you came here to hear from someone else tonight. By continuing to browse or by clicking "accept", you agree to the use of cookies and our Alright. Save America is. It's a resounding yes. To go to Disney on Election day, they can't change the tickets.

Thanks A Alexis bye. I see a lot of vote by mail and that makes me so happy so one of the things that we really have to focus on this year is vote by mail because of kt and we're gonna be talking about that a little more in a minute perfect. thank you so much for playing and thank you to everybody who is participating in these sessions and doing the work to get ready. Organizing effort Thank you for signing up. Jul 28 Even if you think you’re registered, double-check! Matters organizing matters and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Now, I want you to think about 2016 and how you felt on election night of 20.

But the vote is facing a lot of problems this year — big structural ones.

By continuing to browse or by clicking "accept", you agree to the use of cookies and our How does a candidate become president?

Thank you. we are organizing for now, but we are also organizing for the future and so that is incredibly. Two thirds of Americans expect the covid- 19 outbreak to disrupt voting in Florida or I'm sorry to disrupt voting in November so since the adoption of vote by mail in the Sunshine State that is it the popularity of voting by mail has grown steadily. but I know that you've done the done this session about about about organizing especially organizing remotely canvassing doing everything we can to win when we can't do what we would normally do but I wanna put a Floridian to the test to make sure. you know we've gotten started with this Organization earlier than you know has ever happened before because we know it takes time it takes time to register voters. Jul 24

Alright. I would tell them that they can track their vote by mail ballots online on the County elections office as they're very concerned or they can drop it off at your County elections Office before hurricane hits The Hurricanes somehow falls you know doesn't fall while early voting is going on and they can go vote at an early voting station. The organization aims to register 30,000 young people to vote in the state and asks people to enlist three of their friends to vote. Alexis is who is the person who is gonna take this quiz today. I know that all the work that we are doing may not actually do much for us at this time because of the current administration.

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