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Can the Bible Make Your Life Better? History & the Bible Our Bible-based magazines are available for download in hundreds of languages, including sign languages. Publication download options


Can the Bible Make Your Life Better? AWAKE! THE WATCHTOWER Lasting Blessings From a Loving God Share

THE WATCHTOWER—STUDY EDITION September 2020 AWAKE! The Watchtower Magazine, 1954. THE WATCHTOWER—STUDY EDITION September 2020 Meeting Workbooks

Publication download options

Share THE WATCHTOWER—STUDY EDITION May 2020 Dramatic Bible Readings THE WATCHTOWER—STUDY EDITION November 2019 . It has sent forth its lady attendants, that it may call out on top of the heights of the town: ‘Whoever is inexperienced, let him turn aside here.’ Whoever is in want of heart—she has said to him: ‘Come, feed yourselves with my bread and share in drinking the wine that I have mixed. THE WATCHTOWER What Is God’s Kingdom?

Thus it occupies the number 10 in the most read magazines in the world.

Magazines are in various formats: EPUB, JWPUB and PDF and include The Watchtower, Awake!, Consolation and Golden Age. Find Relief From Stress


Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Share THE WATCHTOWER—STUDY EDITION April 2020 View or download magazines distributed by Jehovah's Witnesses.Magazines are in various formats: EPUB, JWPUB and PDF and include The Watchtower, Awake!, Consolation and Golden Age. The Watchtower 2011. In 1939, the year of the first Watchtower subscription campaign, 67,229 publishers from 59 countries placed 121,073 new subscriptions.Today The Watchtower is published in 102 languages and Awake!in 52.

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