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Or, if it feels right to make small talk, you could also briefly describe anything new or interesting that’s going on in your life, before asking “what about you?” to continue the conversation.These are some other common ways of asking “how are you?” They can be used to casually greet anyone, but most often they’re used to greet someone you already know. You can also add “man” to the end of “hey” when greeting males.

Remember to only use these greetings the This greeting question is only asked by people who have already met. You may find that people will begin to use casual greetings with you over time, as you get to know each other better. All Rights Reserved.

You can answer with “it’s going well” or “I’m doing well” depending on the question. Formal greetings are also used when you meet older people.These are formal ways of saying “hello”, which change depending on the time of day.

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Using those words, FluentU recommends you new examples and videos.

You probably already know “hello” and “how are you?”They also use many other English greetings and expressions to say slightly different things.English-speaking people usually greet each other in an informal way, so you can use these common conversational greetings for friends, family, as well as people you meet in casual settings.What if you don’t have constant access to English speakers?

“It’s going well” is the grammatically correct response, but many people simply answer with “fine”, “good” or “alright”. By the way, notice that “good”, “fine” or “not bad” are perfect answers to almost These casual greetings are used with friends, co-workers or family members that you haven’t seen in a while.

It’s common for close friends to hug when they greet each other, particularly if they haven’t seen each other in some time; so you might use this greeting along with a hug or handshake depending on your relationship with the person.These casual greetings are used when you haven’t seen someone in a long time, particularly if you meet that person unexpectedly. Like with “what’s up?” you can answer “nothing” or “not much”.This casual greeting is an Australian abbreviation of “good day”. , What’s new? Multiple examples are always available for the word you’re learning.The best part is that FluentU remembers your vocabulary. Like when responding to “how are you?” you can also follow your answer by asking “and you?”.These are some other informal ways of asking “how are you?” which are typically used to casually greet someone you have met before. , or What’s going on?

If someone asks you “how have you been?” they want to know if you have been well since the last time the two of you met.This greeting is VERY formal, and quite uncommon, but it may still be used by some older people.

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