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what did serbia want in ww1

The region remained under Ottoman control for three and a half centuries, until the successful Serbian Revolution of the early 1800s. Even Serbia’s King Peter expressed quite support for a Slavic super state in the Balkans, with Serbia as its beating heart.Tensions between Vienna and Belgrade were further poisoned by the Bosnian crisis (1908-9) and the Balkan Wars (1912-13). The Treaties of London and Bucharest saw Serbia gain a considerable amount of territory and people, almost doubling in size (from 48,300 to 87,000 square kilometres) and growing by 1.6 million people. Its first king, Milan Obrenovic, was pro-Austrian and aligned his country with Vienna, encouraging and facilitating Austrian trade and investment in Serbia. The powerful Ottoman Empire made inroads into Serbia during the 14th century and eventually conquered it in 1459. Although Britain and France had talked about sending serious military forces to Serbia, nothing was done until it was too late. These figures detail the number of all Austro-Hungarian troops concentrated on the southern (Serbian) theater of war at the beginning of August 1914 and the resources of the entire Serbian army (the number of troops actually available for the operations on both sides was however somewhat less): Serbia's ally Montenegro mustered an army of some 45–50,000 men, with only 14 modern quick firing field guns, 62 machine guns and some 51 older pieces (some of them antique models from the 1870s). Due to its geopolitical position in the Balkans, Serbia can be understood only through the broader framework of the confronted interests of the Central Powers and the Entente at the time.
Serbia was by no means a great European power, however, unfolding events placed her at the epicentre of European tensions and the road to World War I. This amounted to announcing Serbia's intention to annex extensive amounts of Austria-Hungary's Balkan provinces. Many Slavs came to see Serbia as a safe harbour for Slavic identity and culture.The Greater Serbia movement called for the reclamation of Serbian territory from the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires. In June 1914, a handful of Black Hand members assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo. Eventually, AOK directed significant parts of the 2nd Army (around four divisions) to assist General The V and VI Austro-Hungarian Armies had about 270,000 men who were much better equipped than the Serbs. By 30 July, the mobilization was completed and the troops began to be deployed according to the war plan.

Serbia was a Balkan nation sandwiched between Austria-Hungary and other states previously controlled by the Ottoman Empire.2. Sandwiched between Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and several other Balkan states, Serbia occupied a position of some strategic importance.The Serbian people had a long and rich history but, like Germany and Italy, they did not … Aged men of the 3rd ban were organized in 15 infantry regiments with some 45–50,000 men designated for use in rear and line of communications duties. When World War I ended, the Before the war, the Kingdom of Serbia had 4,500,000 inhabitants.The extent of the Serbian demographic disaster can be illustrated by the statement of the Bulgarian Prime Minister The Serbian Army suffered a staggering number of casualties. These groups had two aims: to protect the rights of Slavic people in the region and, in the longer term, to drive Austria-Hungary out of the Balkans. Overall, Austro-Hungarian command was in the hands of General Potiorek. had about 40 companies of heavy fortress artillery of various models. "Convinced that the entire Serbian nation is determined to persevere in the holy struggle for the defense of their homesteads and their freedom, the government of the Kingdom (of Serbia) considers that, in these fateful times, its main and only task is to ensure the successful completion of this great warfare which, at the moment when it started, also became a struggle for the liberation and unification of all our unliberated Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian brothers. 1912-13 The Balkan Wars : in 1912 S erbia, Greece and Bulgaria (calling themselves the Balkan League) attacked Turkey and all but drove the Turks out of Europe. "Armies in the Balkans 1914–1918" pg.12 sfn error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFDiNardo2015 (Spencer Tucker, "Encyclopedia of World War I"(2005) pg 1077, International Labour Office, Enquête sur la production.

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