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what do june beetles eat

They are difficult to identify as they are buried underground. Copyright © 2013  Rocketswag.com, All Rights Reserved.

Green June Beetle; Japanese Beetle; Ten-Lined June Beetle; All of these pests appear roughly around late May through June, have roughly the same body shape with the oval back and pincers at the front and feed on the leaves of landscape plants.

This article was most recently revised and updated by The first year of their life is spent underground.

These holes are often made by skunks searching for grubs, which are a food source for them.

Signs of a Problem (Even if You Don't See Beetles or Grubs) You have brown patches in your lawn. As adults, green June beetles feed on fruits such as apples, peaches, and figs. The grub is particularly destructive to lawn grass.They mainly feed on turf grass, lawn grass, Bermuda grass and St. Augustine grass.

Occasionally, adult green June beetles feed excessively and cause economic damage to grapes and small fruits.

These beetles make a tasty food for pet toads and lizards. Green June beetles are nothing but beetles in the pupal stage. So it takes a complete year for them to emerge by spring time.

When the adult are large in number they feed aggressively on whatever is available in the gardens.

June bugs are widely prevalent in North America.

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The grubs that bury underground will feed on the roots of the grass, and also can destroy ornamental plants around. June bugs exist in the form of grubs when they are in the stage of larvae. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. The way they clumsily flit around can seem kind of comical, but June bugs are no joke to your lawn and garden.

The June bugs are nocturnal because they get attracted to the light, and their lifecycle lasts about three years. Tenlined June beetle: The adult feeds on large leaves and some conifer bushes. Small holes are being dug in your lawn overnight. The lawn could start yellowing and this leads to the lawn dying eventually if the beetles feed in large numbers.

June beetle larvae, called white grubs, are about 25 mm (1 inch) long and live in the soil.

Login They mainly feed on turf grass, lawn grass, Bermuda grass and St. Augustine grass.

In fact, there are no chemical or biological agents that can effectively control the grub. The heavy-bodied June beetles vary from 12 to 25 mm (0.5 to 1 inch) and have shiny wing covers (elytra). The eggs from which the grubs emerge are laid during winter, and thereafter the grubs make their way to the surface during spring, when they start feeding actively.The June beetles tend to mature in June, and they are complete adults at that time.

Usually, they prefer to eat over-ripe or decaying fruit. The lawn could start yellowing and this leads to the lawn dying eventually if the beetles feed in large numbers.

European Chafer beetle: This type of June bug predominantly causes damage to lawns.


Adult June beetles in the wild will feed on plants and leaves, most often needles from conifer trees, taking one long needle into their mouths and nibbling it from end to end.

The grubs that bury underground will feed on the roots of the grass, and also can destroy ornamental plants around. The maximum damage to crops and agricultural plants is done when the June beetles are in their third instar period.

They feed on foliage and Each female buries between 50 and 200 small pearl-like eggs in the A natural enemy of the June beetle is the waved light (For information on the related green June beetle [ History at your fingertips The larvae come out with short hair and this aids in their movement.

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They come out from their pupal stage and that is when they are most hungry.

- Life cycle june beetle : June beetles are quite difficult to control.

The damage to the crop is also pretty quick and fast.

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