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what does te ika a māui mean

One night, he wove for himself a flax fishing line and enchanted it with a When it emerged from the water, Māui left to find a In Northern Māori traditions of New Zealand, Māui's waka became the South Island, with Māui wanted to know where fire came from, so one night he went among the villages of his people and put all the fires out. Now let us see whether we will find life or death."
He was discovered by his grandfather and later went to live with his siblings.

"Is she as strong as the sun?" His father says to him, "My son, I know that you are a brave fellow and that you have done all things. Māui was thus taken in as one of the family.Never mind; let him be our dear brother. Māui and his brothers journeyed to the east and found the pit where the sun-god Māui's older brothers always refused to let him come fishing with them. These are the ways by which men gain influence – by laboring for an abundance of food to feed others, by collecting property to give to others, and by similar means by which you promote the good of others.After Māui performed feats such as transforming himself into different kinds of birds, his brothers acknowledged his power and admired him.Māui was encouraged to follow their mother to the underworld in the form of a Upon Māui transforming back into a human, his mother recognised him as the child who used to live with her other sons. Yet I have dragged land from it. Then he readied himself, winding the cord of his battle club tightly around his wrist and casting aside his garment. The old lady wakes, opens her eyes, claps her legs together and cuts Māui in two. "The red flashing in the western sky comes from her," said the father. In the days of peace remember the proverb, 'When you are on friendly terms, settle your disputes in a friendly way; when you are at war, you must redress your injuries by violence.' Now Māui has become the first being to die and, because he had failed in his task, all human beings are mortal. In some traditions this is Over a period of time where Hina visited a bathing pool Te Tunaroa, the father of eels, molested Hina. Yet I am afraid that there is someone who will defeat you." Is she greater than the sea, which is greater than the land? "If you laugh I will indeed be killed. In some versions, his companions are the smallest birds of the forest, the "You will be killed!" As his head and arms disappear, one of his brothers - or the fantail bird - cannot hold back any longer and burst out in laughter. He crept in and sat down behind his brothers, and soon Taranga called the children and found a strange child, who at first she does not recognise and attempts to cast him from the house, but he proved to be her son. In Māori mythology, as in other Polynesian traditions, Māui is a culture hero and a trickster, famous for his exploits and cleverness. One day he followed his mother to the underworld where he met his father, Māui is credited with catching a giant fish using a fishhook taken from his grandmother's jaw-bone; the giant fish would become the His last trick, which led to his death, involved the When Māui became old enough, he travelled to his family's home and found his four brothers, Māui-taha, Māui-roto, Māui-pae, and Māui-waho, and his sister, Later at night Māui came to his relatives while they were gathered in the marae, dancing and being merry. Māui's mother Taranga, who was their After his early exploits, Māui considered himself ready to win immortality for humankind. As revenge, Māui cut Te Tunaroa's body into bits, throwing them into different habitats where they became different kinds of fish; Children who died before they were born (i.e miscarried, premature, aborted, stillborn) were thought to come back as These trees were said to be from the homelands of the Māori. He possessed superhuman strength, and was capable of shapeshifting into animals such as birds and worms.

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