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what happened at drogheda

During the middle ages, Drogheda as a walled town formed an important part of the "pale", and also played host to the Irish Parliament at times.

A stroll through Drogheda's center will take less than an hour and take in most attractions, with the

During the 19th century, Drogheda reinvented itself as a commercial and industrial center.

From 1825, the "Drogheda Steam Packet Company" provided a maritime link to To be fair, at a first glance, the twin north of

After Aston rejected an invitation to surrender, the town was stormed and much of the garrison was executed including an unknown but "significant number" of civilians.


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But there are some highlights that make visiting the town worthwhile to those willing to seek them out. In attendance was Cromwell's tactics at Drogheda were determined by a need to take the port towns on Ireland's east coast quickly to ensure re-supply for his troops. Further violence in Ireland will only drag down to ruin the land you claim to love and the values you claim to cherish. Read more @independent.ie. I too believe in justice and seek justice.

in News. And their great expectation was, that our attempting this place would put fair to ruin us: they being confident of the resolution of their men, and the advantage of the place.

The officers and soldiers of this Garrison were the flower of their Army. In 1837, the population of Drogheda area was 17,365 people, of whom 15,138 lived in the town. He says that while some 30 of his parishioners were sheltering in his house, Parliamentarian troops fired in through the windows, killing one civilian and wounding another.

Two towns

The most infamous siege ended with Oliver Cromwell taking Drogheda in September 1649.

Those that did, are in safe custody for the Barbadoes. Since 1642, most of Ireland had been under the control of the Just before Cromwell's landing, Dublin had been secured for the Parliamentarians at the On 23 August, the Royalists held a council of war at Drogheda. History at your fingertips What happened next is deeply ingrained into the collective Irish psyche: Cromwell's massacre of the Royalist garrison and Drogheda's civilian population.

Cromwell, upon riding into the town, was enraged by the sight of heaps of Parliamentarian dead at the breaches. You may claim to seek justice. "After the death of Colonel Wall with more and more Parliamentary soldiers streaming into the breaches, the Royalist resistance at the walls collapsed. Drogheda is an industrial center and has a (though not immediately obvious) port that once contributed to the town's prosperity, but now is in a not very picturesque state.

"Bradley, J. There was a ford, and later a bridge, that formed part of the main North-South route on the East coast. Other reports spoke of 400 military prisoners.At least two Royalist officers who initially received quarter were later summarily killed.

Visitors interested in railway history should visit the Irish Rail station (some old buildings just off the Dublin Road) and have a look at the impressive Boyne Viaduct. Drogheda has a population of approximately 41,000 inhabitants, making it the eleventh largest settlement by population in all of Ireland.

File These Irish Monasteries Under Must-See When You Visit Ireland But violence only delays the day of justice. Cromwell listed the dead as including "many inhabitants" of Drogheda in his report to Parliament. Drogheda lies along the River Boyne about 4 miles (6.5 km) from its mouth. St. Joseph's secondary school in Newfoundwell is an all-boys school, as is St. Marys Diocesan School on Beamore Rd.

Walking through Drogheda, especially on a gray, rainy day, can be something of a slightly depressing experience. Check out Britannica's new site for parents! The fate of Irish Catholic civilians may therefore have been worse.The week after the storming of Drogheda, the Royalist press in England claimed that 2,000 of the 3,000 dead were civilians, a theme that was taken up both in English Royalist and in Irish Catholic accounts.

The Siege of Drogheda took place on 3–11 September 1649, at the outset of the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland.

Finally, in 1412, the two Droghedas became one "County of the Town of Drogheda." The latter might be said for many areas of the town center, as fine Georgian buildings are often allowed to fall into disrepair, right next to new commercial developments.

Its main hospital is The Cottage Hospital on Scarlet Street is a former maternity hospital, which subsequently became a Geriatric Unit for a number of years and is now a long-stay residential unit.There are six secondary schools situated in Drogheda. Having opened two breaches in the walls, one to the south the other to the east of the church, he called on the Royalists to surrender.On Monday, 10 September, Cromwell had a letter delivered to Sir Arthur Aston, which read:

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