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what happened to quirky

Production – If after refining the idea and doing viability testing, we believe we have found a winner, your invention will move into the Production phase. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter which contains important and timely updates.If your idea is in the Review phase, it’s always in the consideration set. And don’t forget – every time it’s sold, you earn!You should receive an email from us immediately after submitting your invention that confirms we received your idea.

Quirky was founded in 2009 with the goal of "making invention accessible" by creating a platform for inventors to submit their ideas, which Quirky could then manufacture and sell. In this phase, you can no longer edit your idea and the focus shifts to the market research survey and crowdsourcing competitive products to better understand viability. Since acquisition, the new Quirky team has been working on remodeling the platform so we can bring amazing new products to life.The new Quirky entity (Q Holdings LLC) is not responsible for balances owed by legacy Quirky (Quirky Inc.), per the acquisition, and the balances have been reset to zero. The platform would have no idea what to do with any influence the user has earned, nor would it know what to do with all of the orphaned inventions or collaboration entries. 2017-09-26T14:53:21Z In 2015, the focus of Quirky was to develop the Internet of Things through with its own line of connected home products, and its own running platform Wink.  with the goal of "making invention accessible" by creating a platform for inventors to submit their ideas, which Quirky could then manufacture and sell. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Even if your idea is 4 years old, we’re still considering it for development.In line with the new business model, we are not immediately moving forward with manufacturing products that were selected at Eval. However, we can change the account so that it is inaccessible, as well as remove all personal information from it. Once you’re comfortable with the details of your invention, click to submit it. It is for this reason we do not simply “DELETE” accounts.

You distribute percentage points to the community to help on any or all of the Submission Projects: Features, Inspiration Sketches, Renders & Prototypes, and Pitch. If we don't make your idea after 12 months you may request your IP back.All legacy inventions (inventions submitted pre-bankruptcy) have been placed in the Review phase and will be reviewed on the same rolling basis as all other inventions.

Invention is hard. We have an e-shop! We don’t just look at your submission once and make a decision – it’s an ongoing process. Quirky struggled to raise money, went through multiple rounds of layoffs, scaled back production, and shuttered its San Francisco office.

Your invention is now being sold. By clicking ‘Sign up’, you agree to receive marketing emails from Business Insider It requires a diverse set of skills, and it costs a lot of money.

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