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what is crop rotation short answer

Crop rotation is the practice of growing a series of dissimilar/different types of crops in the same area in sequential seasons. And crops in the rotation unless two crops can be harvested from the land in one year.It is also advisable that the fields be as nearly of equal size and productivity as possible. Cut once and pastured afterward.It is a principle that there should be as many fields as there are years. Each crop should pave the way for the one crop that is to follow. Acid phosphate and potash are applied in moderate quantities and generally to the cash crops only.

But it becomes a fixed rotation when not only the order of the crops is named, but the length of time of each crop is also specified..

Depending on the needs of the gardener, a larger rotation schedule may be implemented, and can include the rotation of animal feed crops like hay, clover, or oats.Fields may also be used as animal pastures or allowed to lay fallow until the following year. When the demand for food outpaced their ability to grow enough, crop rotation was the answer to get more out of the tillable land.

As a result, farmers on the best lands in the corn-growing belt have found it profitable to grow corn for years after years. For organic farms and gardens, crop rotation is essential as it helps limit the amount of fertilizers and pesticides normally required. In such a scheme the minor rotation should be located near the farmstead. For example, although corn is affected by corn rootworms, soybeans are not. Following this rotation sequence helps prevent three main problems we see when planting only one crop year after year. Between the seeding time of oats and the time for planting corn, there is sufficient time to prepare the land for the latter crop.The cultivation of corn will precede the harvest of hay and oats. In this connection, it is wise to provide in the crop rotation a place where manure may be hauled directly from stables and barnyards and applied to the fields.Where there is an abundance of manure and corn is extensively and advantageously used as feed for livestock corn may be grown two years in succession, especially when the soil is fertile and manure is available for both the first and second crops.It is desirable that crops be arranged in such a way that the improving acts of each crop shall be regularly received and the ill effects of the exhaustive crops are systematically neutralized by the crop that follows.The length of crop rotations will be determined by local conditions and the character of crops grown, together with the value of land and cost of labor.Crops that are costly to establish, such as alfalfa, should occupy the land for two or more years in order to minimize the annual cost of production.

Its extermination calls for an inter-tilled crop following the small grain.Pigweed, bindweed, foxtail, and crab-grass are common in corn and potato fields. Notwithstanding these facts, certain crops leave the land in poorer conditions for subsequent crops than it was before.These are designated as exhaustive crops and include wheat, oats, rye, barley, and millet. The wheat straw makes good bedding, while the wheat may either sold exchanged for concentrates.On farms having no permanent pasture, the clover and timothy may be left for another year. The soybeans help suppress the pest so that the corn planted the following year will not be as adversely affected by it.There is no limit to the number of crops in a rotation. However, crop rotation with similar kinds of … While the latter provides soiling and annual pasture crops. Best results will be secured when plants are not compelled to do their part at a disadvantage.Wherever feasible, a large proportion of the product of rotation should be food for livestock. This process helps maintain nutrients in the soil, reduce soil erosion, and prevents plant diseases and pests. At the same time, he is trying to educate people about the environment and climate issues.

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