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what is indra nooyi doing now

Nooyi grew up in a middle class family in India.
We must all be there, to beat the crowd of 93,013 that saw the Australian men’s team’s win against New Zealand at Melbourne Cricket Ground, and set a world record for a women’s sporting event.On her last day at PepsiCo, after Nooyi farewelled her employees in the courtyard as CEO and chair of the company, she arrived home to be greeted with 100 boxes full of archives. “I had a very good group of friends, and my kids and my mum, everybody gave me a lot of support.

Nooyi is consist in World's 100 most powerful women. According to Nooyi, the three things you focus on to become a CEO are:Indra Nooyi, in an interview featured on LinkedIn Learning, gives advice on how to build a successful career.It’s almost impossible to move up within an organization and gain the support of others if you aren’t doing your current job really well. Bank it, and keep building stuff that you can bank. So your time has come.”as a woman CEO, you are the focus of everybody and they’re looking to see what you do wrong so they can really bring you down.”Now, as a director for global giant Amazon and an independent director of the International Cricket Council, there are two very obvious passions for Indra Nooyi. It’s a good place to be,” she said. Related: Why it matters so much every time a woman CEO leavesRelated: Gatorade is going sugarless for the first time “I had a husband I could chat with. “And once you focus on these, the CEO-ship will come automatically, in it's own time. Her favorite question to be asked? What it will look like. And when everything failed, I always would result to spirituality. The only present physical evidence from her time at the company. The best leaders have a set of ethics they believe in that serves as their compass, and have the courage and skill to stand up and communicate what those are.“If you really feel strongly about something, have the courage to defend what you're suggesting,” Nooyi said. “So when you have market growth at 2-3 percent and you want to grow it 4-5 percent, the only way you’re going to outgrow the market is through innovation. When she and her sister were young, their mother challenged them at the dinner table each night to give speeches about what they would do if they were prime minister or another world leader, a Pepsi spokesperson said. I’m working for the company, not for myself, so I have to worry about the future of the company, not just my tenure as a CEO’.
Just staying in place will only make you lose share, not grow share.” In the early years, the marketplace was growing, so it lifted all the boards with it. A study by Nooyi praised her successor, calling him "exactly the right person to build on our success." You've got to be able to stand in front of employees and get them to go places they never thought they needed to get to.”If you do these things, Nooyi believes you won’t need to worry about all the day-to-day politics we all get wrapped up in, and you will become a CEO.“Focus on these building blocks,” Nooyi said. Nooyi, 62, will be replaced by She helped turn Pepsi into one of the most successful food and beverage companies in the world. Because you can overcome anything if you’ve got confidence.

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