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what is wrong with the mars insight lander now

Now, new reports are suggesting that Mars is a lot more active than you might think.

If the quakes weren't cool enough, InSight picked up something else: Shifting tectonic plates can trigger earthquakes here but in Mars, these quakes occur because of long-term cooling of the planet and other processes, In addition, the quakes on Mars are taking place way deeper in the surface. Now, there are over 450 documented quakes within its catalogue.

“This image is actually a really good argument for why you put a dust cover on a camera.

It looks like the InSight Lander’s Mole instrument is making some progress. Mars InSight’s Mole is Now Underground. JASON TREAT, NGM STAFF.

At 3,280 feet up, InSight ditched its parachute, performed a short free fall, and then fired a dozen descent engines to eventually slow it to a mere five miles an hour.From atmospheric contact to setting robot legs on the ground, the process took just 6 minutes and 45 seconds.“It was an incredibly emotional experience," Hoffman recounts. The Planetary Society, which designed the mic on the Mars Polar Lander, said in a statement that it is eager to finally hear the sounds of Mars after patiently waiting more than 20 years. RELATED: Mars InSight …

Now, new reports are suggesting that Mars is a lot more active than you might think. Tucked inside its shell, the spacecraft rocketed through the solar system, navigating by starlight as InSight has touched down at Elysium Planitia, near the Martian equator.Once its plunge through the atmosphere was set, the team could only sit back and watch: Without guided entry, InSight “There are certainly points that will make me smile if they go well,” Julie Wertz-Chen, an entry, descent, and landing team member, said the week before.As InSight made contact with the planet’s thin air, a heat shield protected it from burning up Bruce Banerdt, principal investigator on the InSight lander, stands near a replica of InSight used to simulate the landing weeks ahead of the actual touchdown.Its heat shield then popped off, and an on-board radar began to search for and ultimately lock onto the ground.

To do this, it will rely One of InSight’s primary goals is to figure out how seismically active Mars is, says “That is something that we don’t actually know,” she says. “That’s basically how many quakes there are, how often they occur, where do they occur, how big they are.”Weber suspects that Mars will lie somewhere between Earth and moon in terms of tectonic activity (yes, the moon has moonquakes, which Apollo astronauts measured when they visited in the 1970s).Parked on the surface, InSight is just waiting to snare those signals.

There's a lot scientists don't know about Mars, the little red planet next door. Over the course of one Martian year (or at least two Earth years), it will do something a bit different from most other Mars missions, which have focused on the planet’s flashy rift valleys, mammoth volcanoes, or signs of ancient running water on the surface.Instead, this mission aims to get at the heart of Mars, to measure the size of the planet’s core and other interior layers. "We've finally for the first time established that Mars is a seismically active planet," Banerdt said, according to Business Insider.

A diagram shows the parts of the HP3 instrument carried to Mars by the InSight lander.

All rights reserved To start, Mars doesn't have tectonic plates like Earth.

A new study by researchers at Kyushu University’s International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research, Fukuoka in Japan after comparing findings of Mars Insight lander after comparing with our own planet Earth, found Mars might seem like a “dead” planet, but even there, the wind blows and the ground moves.

“I liken it to playing that claw game at a carnival, but you’re doing it with a really, really valuable prize, and you’re doing it blindfolded where you can only take occasional pictures, and then you’re doing it via remote control on another planet.”After the spacecraft determines the location of a marsquake, it will read the incoming seismic waves and use the information they carry to figure out what types of rock they moved through.

The saga of the self-hammering heat probe began in late February 2019, some 13 weeks after the InSight lander arrived on Mars.

"They promised me sandy with no rocks. That’s exactly what we were going for—it’s what the landing site selection people promised me," says JPL’s Tom Hoffman, the InSight project manager.

"It's probably close to the kinds of seismic activity you would expect to find away from the plate boundaries on earth. Of the Mars quakes reported, only 24 were above a 3 in magnitude, which is considered weak, and none of them went past a 4.

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