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Is he concerned about the money he is spending? This all must be investigated. Proving the thesis of his book "End of Discussion". The average Guy Benson is around 67 years of age with around 56% falling in to the age group of 61-80. HENRY: But the point I'm making is that Bloomberg really is a nanny state liberal. Guy Benson, we appreciate you coming. Law enforcement, customs, and vetting trusted travelers the only state. That's Nancy. MEADOWS: Well, General Kelly is wrong about that. The only candidate performing better than Bernie, Mike Bloomberg and The New York billionaire was on the President's radar again today or at least in his Twitter feed. And so they clearly knew what they were doing. And I think these comments are challenging for Bloomberg. Senator, thanks for coming in.

John Kelly, Bill Barr, now they are the villains. He has engaged in these activities.

HENRY: But is it just a cheque? ED HENRY, FOX NEWS HOST: Yes, that's right but great to see you again. But I think he can make up that ground as long as he, given the tremendous amount of money he has, is able to say I'm your best candidate to beat Donald Trump. WILLIAMS: I think, yes those are the specific issues that Michael Bloomberg has to deal with the black community. But maybe he is playing by a different set of rules. CRAMER: My pleasure. What about looking forward? She definitely knows that but she recognizes, I think, that the establishment going too hard against a guy like Bernie could actually strengthen him and again, that's the Trump effect.

Remember, any escalation in the conflict between the United States and Iran has been at the hands of Iran. How can you get nine years for that and four or five years for raping someone? If you get four or five years for raping someone -- HENRY: -- how is it that lying to Congress -- which you should not do -- HENRY: -- to be clear. Thank you. Reputation Score. HENRY: We will give the congressman, Eric Swalwell, who is here standing by a chance to respond to that in a moment. But the fact that he is not doing that, and instead he is trying to show us the power he has that he can -- SWALWELL: -- infect the department of justice with his corruption -- HENRY: But you are raising the suspect of a pardon over and over when we don't know if he is going to pardon him or not. CHAD WOLF, ACTING HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY: Thank you, Ed. He went after all of them. Morning, evening with you at all. 0.00 5.00 /5. We continue to monitor these passengers every day twice a day with temperature checks. Fox News contributor and podcast host Guy Benson weighs in on growing concern over Bernie Sanders' success.BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: That's it for "The Special Report." I hope Collins and Murkowski are proud of their votes. HENRY: When you said a moment ago and you just said it again. Corruption by the president. That's what we've learned.

View Photos. I have been very clear about that. BENSON: That's all gone. 1 Profile Search Follow. Bernie Sanders is their party's nominee. Those are her words. This is about law enforcement. I built a business. We wanted future presidents to know that the standard was not lowered. But you have to connect with the voters in this country. HENRY: But is lying to Congress worse than raping somebody? I will continue to be very clear about that. STEPHANIE GRISHAM, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: I think that it's unfortunate that they are calling - making this about politics. And if the president is listening, we want to work with you on prescription drugs, background checks, and infrastructure. Number one, they are, I think, driving home and underscoring the massive political risk of single payer healthcare, Medicare for all. I think most of these people are in fact quite liberal.

But you are looking backward to what happened at the FBI and the Justice Department before.

This is Me - Control Profile. They didn't pull back. What about what we've had with Inspector General Horowitz? It's also the first case in Texas.

The new patient was among a group of evacuees already under federal quarantine at Lack Land Air Force Base near San Antonio. SWALWELL: Anyone who gets four to five years for raping someone that's wrong. He has a lot of money. All market data delayed 20 minutes. Thank you for the opportunity, Ed. Fox News contributor Guy Benson said on Thursday that the decision to end an -era program that protected … I think it's offensive and also not true. So, I think sometimes elites getting all concerned and telling people what has to happen and when, it doesn't work out quite that well. How do you respond to this one? HENRY: Congressman Mark Meadows, we appreciate you coming in. A campaign so lavish it offers entry level workers 70,000 bucks a year and furnished apartments. We don't need to be building these up to keep information from law enforcement officials. He is Republican Senator Kevin Cramer from North Dakota. You are definitely right about that, Ed. But when they crossed that line of taking a human life, an American life and attacking our embassy, and, remember, too -- CRAMER: -- that he was in Iraq.

PELOSI: The attorney general has stoop to such levels.

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