which of the following is a likely macroeconomic consequence of inflation? funny mad libs / modern whig party platform
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which of the following is a likely macroeconomic consequence of inflation?

Which Of The Following Is A Likely Macroeconomic Consequence Of Inflation? Speculation. Manny's real income has:If the CPI increases from 250 to 275 for one year, the rate of inflation for that year is:A fixed reference year from which meaningful comparisons can be made.If you were interested in charting prices of resources used by producers or energy which of the following would you use?Which of the following is often watched closely as a clue to potential changes in consumer prices in the future?Value of final output produced, adjusted for changing prices.In the full employment and balanced growth act of 1978Congress set an inflation goal of no more than 3 percentAn inflation goal set at a low rate but greater than zero allows all of the following exceptIf the CPI doesn't measure product quality improvements, the CPI tends toWhich one of the following statements about the United States is true?Prior to WWII the united states experienced periods of both deflation and inflationAll of the following statements about inflation in the United States are correct exceptInflation was at its worst during the Great DepressionWhen natural disasters, such as hurricanes on the U.S. Gulf Coast or an earthquake in Japan, disrupt supply chains and push up the costs of production, this may result inIf OPEC raises the price of oil and production costs increase, this may causeAn automatic adjustment of nominal income to the rate of inflation.A mortgage that adjusts the nominal interest rate to changing rates of inflation isthe nominal interest rate minus the anticipated rate of inflationAll of the following are true of the real interest rate except itequals the foreign exchange rate minus the inflation rateIf the nominal interest rate is 13 percent and the anticipated rate of inflation is 8 percent the real interest rate isIf the nominal interest rate is 10 percent and the real interest rate is 6 percenthas the least effect on the behavior of companies, investors, consumers, and workersIf your nominal income remains constant at $3,000 while the price of an important product in your budget such as cell phone service rises from $50 to $100 your real income hasAll of the following are detrimental macro consequences of inflation except If actual inflation was greater than anticipated inflation:Lenders would experience a decrease in real income.According to the text, which group of assets increased the most in percent terms from 1991 to 2001?Generally speaking, which of the following groups would tend to gain real income from the wealth effects of inflation?People who own assets that are appreciating faster than the inflation rateIf the CPI doesn't measure product quality improvements, then the CPI tends to:Which of the following functions are performed by changes in relative prices but not by changes in average prices?The price index that refers to all goods and services produced is theAn inflation goal set at a low rate but greater than zero allows all of the following except:All of the following are microeconomic consequences of inflation except:If your nominal income rises faster than the price level then:All of the following are macro consequences of inflation except:The best price index to use in calculating real GDP is:If OPEC raises the price of oil and production costs increase, this may cause:Last year you earned $20,000 and paid taxes in the second tax bracket at 15 percent. At the same time prices on average have risen by 5 percent. Which of the following is a macro consequence of sudden changes in the average level of prices? A mild inflation promotes economic growth, but a runaway inflation obstructs economic growth as it raises cost of develop­ment projects.

Cost-push inflation – higher oil prices feeding through into higher costs 3. Erodes Purchasing Power.

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