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who is yaksha in mahabharata

The truth about Dharma and duty is hidden in the cave of our hearts, therefore that alone is the path along which the great have trod.

Covetousness constitutes a disease that is incurable. Day after day countless people die. The Yudhisthira replied: The self-study (Swadhyayana) of the Vedas is divinity in a Brahmin.

The Yaksha Prashna, also known as the Dharma Bka Upakhyan or the Akshardhama, is the story of a

Yet living wishes to live forever. At (3:310) of Mahabharata is a conversation of a Yaksha and Manibhadras, and Vaisravana (Kubera), the king of the Yaksha were worshipped by travellers who travel through lonely territories, for protection against dangers. What is that which is renounced makes happy and wealthy"? He dwelt in a forest close to the There was a dense and solitary forest that was the haunt of a very formidable Yaksha called Sthunakarna.
The virtuous Yudhishthira proceeded to answer the questions put forth by the crane.

Here Yaksha is described as a crane, sitting by a pond. And within it stood a mansion with high walls and a gateway, plastered over with powdered earth, and rich with smoke bearing the fragrance of fried paddy. I said to him, 'Answer my riddles'. Yudhishthira answered, "Brahma makes the sun rise and ascend. Gandharvas were also part of his army (3:65). The banks of river Narmada is described as the birth place of yaksha king In Buddhist countries yakṣas are known under the following names: Chinese language In Buddhist mythology, the yakṣa are the attendants of Vaiśravaṇa, the Guardian of the Northern Quarter, a beneficent god who protects the righteous. Oblation is the quality of virtuosity in a Kshatriya. The mind is the performer of all rites in the course of Yajna. The months and the seasons constitute the wooden ladle. Whereupon Yudhishthira replied, "He who has no debts is truly happy. And the lord of treasures, possessed of great beauty, came there to see Another prominent Yaksha found mention in Mahabharata is Sthunakarna.

In Hindu, Jain and Buddhist mythology, the Yaksha has a dual personality. He blessed him saying since he had adhered to Dharma (righteousness), the Dharma would protect them and no-one would recognise them during the Ajnata Vasa. Mystification of Yakshas.

The illustrious Ashtavakra set out on his journey. This is the news". By contrast, in the didactic Hindu dialogue of the Yakṣapraśnāḥ ("questions of the Yakṣa"), a dangerous cannibalistic Yaksha, the tutelary spirit of a lake, threatens the life of the epic hero The yakṣas may have originally been the tutelary gods of forests and villages, and were later viewed as the In Indian art, male yakṣas are portrayed either as fearsome warriors or as portly, stout and dwarf -like.
Manibhadra is one of the warrior in the Yaksha army of Kubera.

Lomasa said, now hast thou left behind the mountains Usiravija, Mainaka and Sweta, as well as the Kala hills, O son of Section 13:19 describes sage Ashtavakra's expedition to this territory:-

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