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who killed naruto uzumaki

Naruto tries several times to attack him with his Rasengan, but without success. Kakashi arrives and deflects their attacks into opposing water towers before they can clash, Naruto unknowingly doing more damage than Sasuke. The Kurama avatar fought the beasts in close combat, forcing them to combine their Tailed Beast Balls into one against it. For their performance in the Land of Waves, however, Kakashi decides to enter them in the During the exam's first stage, the participating genin are given a written test, the goal of which is to cheat without getting caught. Later, Naruto sent a clone to meet up with Sasuke, giving him the research on the As Boruto's graduation exam from the Naruto protecting Sarada and Chōchō from Shin's attack.While on his way to the rendezvous point, Naruto sensed that he was being followed by While having lunch, Naruto told Sarada about what her father was like growing up and then informed both Sarada and Chōchō in what ways they take after their parents. Naruto followed, and, on arrival, was reprimanded by Sasuke for bringing children with him.

Because his parents were dead, Naruto asked Naruto and Hinata raising their children.Shortly after their wedding, Naruto and Hinata had In the anime, as the mysterious attack began to happen throughout the village, Naruto's efforts to uncover the truth began to exhaust him and being insisted by Shikamaru to go home and rest. As Naruto contemplated his meeting with Itachi, he was called to the With Naruto restrained, Pain opened up his reasons for Akatsuki, their plan for the tailed beasts, and the peaceful world he wanted to create. Tobirama Senju - Killed by the Gold and Silver brothers. Although Naruto is initially clueless about Hinata's feelings for him, during the film he begins to acknowledge and respond to them. They did so, joining forces with the First Hokage against him, but right before he could seal him, Madara put one final fail-safe into effect: he had Obito transfers his tailed beasts' chakra into Naruto.The removal of Kurama from his body caused Naruto to pass out and placed his life in immediate danger. Ultimately, it was decided to pardon Sumire and let her return to the Academy. Later revived by Edo Tensei. Shocked at how sincere Naruto was at being nice, Kawaki asked to learn ninjutsu, which Naruto agreed to and began training him. The attack came too late, however, and the Ten-Tails was revived. On Boruto's first day as a genin, Naruto managed to get some time to have breakfast with his family and see Boruto off to be assigned his team. Naruto stayed in the village and attended Ōnoki's funeral, prompting him to say the The day after cleaning up a bathhouse together, Urashiki targeted Naruto. Minato and Kakashi insisted that Obito be left to them while Naruto and the rest of the Alliance should focus on Madara. Jiraiya tries to give him more access to the Nine-Tails' power and uses Naruto and Jiraiya return to Konoha after two-and-a-half years of training, where Naruto becomes surprised by Tsunade's newly-formed statue on While Team 7 tries without success to find a mission to go on that Naruto won't complain about, word reaches Konoha that While en route to an Akatsuki lair, they are confronted by Gaara awakens, with Naruto by his side.Deidara escapes, while Naruto and Kakashi regroup with Sakura, Chiyo, and Team Guy.

Sensing their need, Hagoromo combined the efforts of the dead Kage to summon them, the tailed beasts, and Madara back.

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