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why do sunflowers face the sun

Why do sunflowers face the Sun? In a word, you can see the situation of the pot soil and the rigidity of the flower to grasp it. When sowing, a small hole of 1cm should be dug in the basin, and the soil should be planted in the back cover.

In some cases, they turned the sunflower plants away from the sun.

Due to this unequal growth on either side, the flower tends to bend in the direction of the sun.Similarly, when the sun finally sets, the growth on the west side of the stem is greater than growth on the east. This produces energy to promote cell growth,  that cell growth is faster on the shady side of the plant which causes the phenomenon called heliotropism, or solar tracking of the sun.During the night, the Circadian Rhythm takes over and instructs our sunflower head and stem to face back towards the east. Its auxin is distributed in backlight. As a result of this, the stem bends east, that is, in the direction where the sun would rise again the next morning.To make things even more interesting, researchers also tied the stem of the plant to a solid support so that they couldn’t move according to the sun’s position. LiDang is a disease to be cured! In the early stage of the disease, it can be sprayed with 500 times of 50% methyltobuzin WP or controlled with Bordeaux solution of the same amount.Ornamental sunflowers can be sown all year round.

Because when it comes to light, it will rotate with the sun, but this means that during the period from germination to blooming of its plants, its leaves and flower plates will rotate with the sun, and from east to west, and when the flowerpot is blooming, it will not rotate, but will face the East. This starts the process of following the sun across the sky for the following day.This increases the growth from the rays of the sun which also produces warmer and better pollen and tastier nectar, all of which attracts bees and insects for pollination and fertilization, to produce better seed development and yield.Ensuring the sunflower leaves its legacy for the following year.All told it still amazes me how mother nature works.It’s one of those strange and wonderful things that we probably notice but do not notice-both at the same time.It just happens and we take it for granted we just seem to accept it, almost without acknowledging it.So now we know that yes, they do follow the sun. And that is our sunflowers ultimate goal.Although bees are the main Pollinators in sunflowers, it isn’t the only way the flowers pollinate. The flower will be soft when it is short of water, and it is very stiff when it is full of water.The main diseases of sunflower are powdery mildew, black spot, bacterial leaf spot, rust (prevalent in high humidity period) and sunflower moth. I hope I can help, and offer some detail around the behavior of Sunflowers whilst I’m at it!This is a fascinating question, and to me is one of the wonders of mother nature entirely – not just sunflowers!The sunflower does indeed follow the sun.

Although it has beautiful appearance, a large number of them will affect the growth of sunflower. During the growing season, the young sunflowers rotate their bright yellow heads during the day to track the sun's movement across the sky. Sunflowers are fascinating little specimens of nature, and they allow us to see first-hand how plants are not the static beings we think them to be.

Its auxin is distributed in backlight. The reason sunflowers do this is simple.

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